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Forthcoming Sociological Events




25 October 2014

Inaugural Conference and Launch - Animals: ethics, sustainability, sentience
Edge Hill University, UK 


29 October 2014 (1–5.30pm)
BSA Yorkshire MedSoc Group Event
Leeds Beckett University, UK - BOOK NOW!

30 October 2014
BSA Diaspora, Migration and Transnationalism (DMT) Study Group Symposium - "We are here because you were there”: Immigrants’ Responses to the Rise of Anti-Immigrant Discourses in Britain
University of Leicester, UK - BOOKING CLOSED


30-31 October 2014
12th International Symposium for Olympic Research
Western University - London, Ontario, Canada 

30-31 October 2014
Urbanisation and Development in China
University of Southampton, UK 

31 October 2014
Census Research User Conference 2014
Royal Statistical Society, London, UK 

31 October 2014
Enhancing and Enriching Historic Census Microdata Event
Royal Statistical Society, London, UK 


3 November 2014
North East Crime Research Network Conference
Collingwood College, Durham University, UK 

3 November 2014
Addressing loneliness and social isolation in later life
British Medical Association, London, UK 


3-4 November 2014
3rd City Health International Conference
Casa 400 Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

3-5 November 2014

Knowledge, Culture, Economy International Conference
University of Western Sydney, Australia 

5 November 2014
Europe’s Ageing Demography: An ILC-UK Population Patterns Seminar Series
European and Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium 

5 November 2014
Superdiversity and Recent Immigration: Pathways of Settlement
CLR James Library, London Borough of Hackney, UK 


5 November 2014
Introduction to Qualitative Social Research on the Internet
University of Surrey, UK 

5-7 November 2014
Repeat! The Logics of Exercises, Trainings, Tests and Rehearsals
Goldsmiths, University of London, UK 


6 November 2014

BJS annual lecture by Troy Duster: A Post-Genomic Surprise: the molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine

London School of Economics and Political Science, UK


6 November 2014
Superdiversity and recent immigration: Pathways of settlement
Library of Birmingham, University of Birmingham, UK 

6-7 November 2014
International Conference - A Long Way to the Top: The Production and Reception of Music in a Globalized World
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

6-7 November 2014
Critical Geographies of Urban Infrastructure
The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, UK 

7 November 2014
The Transformation of Latin American Social Policy: Dynamics, Institutions and Outcomes
University of Bath, UK 

7 November 2014
Football and Culture Conference
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK 

7 November 2014
The Transformation of Latin American Social Policy: Dynamics, Institutions and Outcomes
University of Bath, UK 

8 November 2014
The Working Women’s Charter 40 Years On
King's College, London, UK 

10 November 2014
BSA Sociologists Outside Academia (SOA) Group Autumn Meeting 2014
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW!


10 November 2014
One Day Seminar: Qualitative Approaches to Happiness and Wellbeing Research
Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - BOOK NOW!


11 November 2014

Webinar: An Introduction to Data and Resources for Librarians

Online only

12-13 November 2014
NVivo Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK


12 November 2014
Developing Your Research Career - What Can Film Do For Your Research?
Birkbeck, University of London, UK 

13 November 2014
Social Mobility Grinding to a Halt? New Evidence from the Census and Birth Cohort Studies
British Academy, London, UK 

13 November 2014
Food Banks: From under the radar to under the microscope
University of Bath, UK 

14 November 2014
BSA Social Aspects of Death, Dying and Bereavement (DDB) Study Group  Conference: Death, Inequality and Social Difference Programme - Abstracts
BSA London Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW! 


14 November 2014
Race, Education and Securitisation
University of Huddersfield, UK

18 November 2014
UACES Student Forum Seminars: Teaching European Studies
London, UK 

18–20 November 2014
PhD Bootcamp: Getting to grips with writing up Professor Rosaline Barbour
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 

18 November 2014
Age UK and Institute of Gerontology, King's College London, Annual Lecture - in memory of David Hobman
King's College London, UK 

19 November 2014
The Future of Our Food: Sustainable Places for Food Security – Critical Reflections and International Comparisons
Cardiff University, UK 

19-21 November 2014
The Seventeenth International Conference: Socialism for the Twenty-first Century and the Eighth International Colloquium: The Influence of Philosophy and the Social Science on the Cultural Heritage of the countries of the American Mediterranean
University of Havana, Cuba

20-21 November 2014
Academic Workshop: Sense of Belonging in a Diverse Britain
Coventry University, UK

20-21 November 2014
Middle East and North Africa Social Policy (MENA) Conference
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, UK 


20-21 November 2014
MiReKoc 10th Year Symposium - "Border, Mobility and Diversity: Old Questions, New Challenges"
Koç University (MiReKoc), Istanbul, Turkey 

21 November 2014
2nd GRAMNet Workshop: Migration and Intimate Life
University of Glasgow, UK 

21-22 November 2014
Migration, Integration and Neighbourhoods: Where’s the Harm?
Cumberland Lodge, Berkshire, UK 

25 November 2014
Looking back to the future: Challenges and Opportunities in Maternity Care
Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK 

25 November 2014
Reigniting the youth labour market: Institute for Employment Studies one-day conference
Ambassadors Bloomsbury, London, UK 


26 November 2014
Managing Data with SPSS for Windows
University of Surrey, UK 

26 November 2014
New Directions in Health, Housing and Social Care: What do older LGBT people want?
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK 


27 November 2014

Public lecture by Judy Wajcman: Pressed for Time: the acceleration of life in digital capitalism

London School of Economics and Political Science, UK


28 November 2014
BSA Ageing, Body and Society Study Group 6th Annual Conference 2014: Researching Bodies - Programme
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

28 November 2013
The Labour Force Survey: past, present and future
BIS Conference Centre, London, UK

28 November 2014

Labour Force Survey/Annual Population Survey user conference
JISC, Brettenham House, London 

2 December 2014
'On the Street Where you Live': Bourdieusian analysis of socio-spatial hierarchy
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW!


5 December 2014
Researching Human Reproduction: Methodological and Ethical Aspects - a joint event from the Human Reproduction Study Group and the East Midlands Medical Sociology Group
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK - BOOK NOW!

6 December 2014
Inform Autumn Seminar: Minority Religions and Schooling
London School of Economics, UK

8 December 2014
Social Research Association Annual Conference: Changing Social Research: Evolution or Revolution?
British Library, London, UK

9 December 2014
Gender, sexuality and young people: After No Outsiders
University of York, UK


12 December 2014
The British Library, London, UK

12 December 2014
Atlas.ti Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

16-17 December 2014
1st Annual Conference of the Association for Psychosocial Studies - Psychosocial Connections: Practice, Policy and Research
University of Central Lancashire, UK

17-18 December 2014
NVivo Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

19 December 2014
NVivo Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

7-8 January 2015
Sport, Politics and Social Policy Conference
Durham University, UK

8 January 2015
The Ethics of Representation: Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Study Day
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

12-15 January 2015
4th International Conference on the Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Young People, Borders & Wellbeing
San Diego, California, USA

16 January 2015 (12-4.00pm)
BSA Yorkshire MedSoc Group Event
University of York, UK - BOOK NOW!

21 January 2015
Atlas.ti Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

22 January 2015
Understanding Qualitative Research Methods
University College, London, UK

26-27 January 2015
Global Sustainability Conference 2015: The interface between sustainability research and policy
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

28 January 2015
NVivo Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

30 January 2015
Ethics and Education Research
University of Surrey, UK

4 February 2015
Citizens, parties and political action: Political participation and the UK General Election 2015
Nottingham Trent University, UK

12-14 February 2015
Religion, Gender and Body Politics: Post-secular, post-colonial and queer perspectives
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

25 February 2015
Workshop on Migration, Transnationalism and Catholicism
Middlesex University, London, UK

5-6 March 2015
4th EU-Microdata User Conference
Mannheim, Germany

12-14 March 2015
European Professional Association for Transgender Health: Transgender Health Care in Europe
Ghent, Belgium

14-16 March 2015
1st Global Conference: Happiness
Lisbon, Portugal

26 March 2015
The Gendered Dynamics of Power: A One-Day Conference
Birkbeck, University of London, UK

30 March–1 April 2015
Journal of Youth Studies conference: Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risks
Copenhagen, Denmark

30 March-1 April 2015
International Research Society For Public Management Conference 2015 - Shaping The Future: Re-Invention Or Revolution?
University of Birmingham, UK

31 March–2 April 2015
Talking Bodies: Identity, Sexuality, Representation
University of Chester, UK

31 March-1 April 2015
Complicity Conference: a two-day conference organised by the Understanding Conflict research cluster, exploring the issue of complicity
University of Brighton, UK

8-11 April 2015
Urban Affairs Association 45th Conference - Transnationalism from Above and Below: The Dynamics of Place-making in the Global City
Intercontinental Miami, Miami, USA

12-14 March 2015
12th Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies: Governance & Citizenship
Wayne State University, Michigan, USA

13-15 April 2015
Second Annual Conference of BRAIS
University of London, UK

15-17 April 2015

BSA Annual Conference: Societies in Transition: Progression or Regression?

Glasgow Caledonian University, UK - Abstract submission deadline:  17 October 2014 - BOOK NOW!

16-17 April 2015
Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society: Social Movements and Faith
University of California at Berkeley, USA

16-18 April 2015
Narrating European Integration: Actors and Stories in Politics, Academia and Cultural Institutions
Portsmouth, UK


15 May 2015
BSA Sport Study Group Day Conference: Sport and Social Protest
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW! 

8-11 June 2015
Queer Kinship and Relationships International Conference
Zalesie, Masuria, Poland

9 June 2014
NVivo Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

9-12 June 2015
ISSA 2015 World Congress of Sociology of Sport 50th Anniversary Celebration: The Sociological Lens and the Wellbeing of Sport
Paris, France 

10 June 2014
Atlas.ti Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

10-13 June 2015
12th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference: Sport, Unity & Conflict
Dublin, Ireland 

11-13 June 2015
2015 European Conference on Politics and Gender
Uppsala University, Sweden 

17-19 June 2015
First International Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE)
Nottingham Trent University, UK

17-20 June 2015
Literacies and Sexualities in Cultural, Fictional, Real, and Virtual Worlds: Past, Present, Future Perfect?
Dublin, Ireland 

22 June-3 July 2015
8th Annual Summer School on Black Europe: Interrogating Citizenship, Race and Ethnic Relations
International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), Amsterdam, Netherlands 

24-26 June 2015
Feminisms, Power and Pedagogy: 10th Biennial Conference of the Gender and Education Association
University of Roehampton, UK 

1-2 July 2015
University of Manchester, UK 

1-3 July 2015
Second International Days of the Sociology of Energy: Contemporary Societies faced with Energy Transitions
University François Rabelais of Tours, France 


7–9 July 2015
Sociology of Religion: Foundations and Futures
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hertfordshire, UK - BOOK NOW! - Abstract submission deadline: 1 December 2014

8-10 July 2015
22nd International Conference of Europeanists - Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures
Paris, France

7-9 September 2015 
Trusting the hand that feeds you. Understanding the historical evolution of trust in food.
Brussels, Belgium

10-12 September 2015
Ireland: Shared Futures?
Rennes, France 

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