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Forthcoming Sociological Events

Our aim is to provide details of sociological events taking place worldwide, if you would like your event to appear in this listing please contact Donna Willis with details.  The events are chronologically ordered for your convenience.   Why not visit our Call for Papers page.


1-2 September 2014

International Workshop - Universities, Cities and Transformation: Practices of Cultural Intermediation and Expectations of Knowledge
University of Salford, Manchester, UK 

1-3 September 2014
UACES 44th Annual Conference
University College, Cork, Ireland 

1-3 September 2014
43rd Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology: New understandings of old age and the lifecourse
University of Southampton, UK

1-5 September 2014
Summer School: How to conduct practice-based studies in Social and Organizational Research
University of Warwick, Coventry, UK 

2 September 2014
Re-Imagining (the) Olympics
Mansfield College, Oxford, UK

3-4 September 2014
Children, Young People and Changing Urban Spaces
Centre for Children and Youth, University of Northampton, UK 


3-5 September 2014
ESA Sociology of Religion Research Network: Religion in the Public Domain
Assembly Buildings, Belfast, Northern Ireland

3-6 September 2014
ESA Consumption Research Network Interim Meeting
O'Porto, Portugal

4-5 September 2014
8th Annual Postgraduate Bioethics Conference: "Health Law and Bioethics at the Frontiers of Innovation"
University of Southampton, UK 


5-6 September 2014

Racism and Anti-Racism: from the labour movement to the far-right
University of Glasgow, UK

7-9 September 2014
Taboo Conference II – TaCo2014
Grey College, Durham University, UK 

8 September 2014
Publishing from your Sociology PhD
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

8 October 2014
Young People, Privacy, Sex and Technologies
St Peters Campus, Sunderland, UK 

9-12 September 2014
EASM 2014 Conference: Social and Commercial Impact of Sport
Coventry University, UK

10 September 2014
ESRC Seminar Series - Minding the Knowledge Gaps: Trans Ageing Issues
Manchester, United Kingdom 

10 September 2014
Transformative Feminist Methods Conference
Durham University, UK 

10 September 2014
Teaching Sociology with Quantitative Data
NatCen Social Research, London, UK 

10 September 2014
Enabling Students to Use Data in their Sociology and Politics Dissertations and Coursework
NatCen Social Research, London, UK 


10-12 September 2014

BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference

Aston University, UK - BOOK NOW! 

10-12 September 2014
Dilemmas for Human Services 2014: Leadership in Public Services – Bridging the Management Gap?
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

10-14 November 2014
Causal Inference in Epidemiology: Recent Methodological Developments
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK 

11-12 September 2014
Gender and Nationalism: An International Conference
Middlesex University, London, UK 

11-12 September 2014
GEsIPI International Conference - Identity: Representation & Practices
University of Lisbon, Portugal 

13 September 2014
FWSA Interim Event - Rethinking Sisterhood: The Affective Politics of Women’s Relationships
University of Bristol, UK 

15 September 2014
Licence to Kill: The Organization of Destruction in the 21st Century
Lancaster University, UK 

15-17 September 2014
Disability Sport: Changing lives, changing perceptions?
Coventry University, UK 

15–18 September 2014
The Quality of Life Conference: Sustaining Quality of Life across the Globe
Free University Berlin, Germany 

16-17 September 2014
Stretching the Sociological Imagination – John Eldridge Festschrift Conference
University of Glasgow, UK 


17 September 2014
Widening the Lens: Developments in Research on Journalism and Environmental Issues (organised by the BSA Media Study Group and the News and Journalism Group, University of Leicester)
University of Leicester, UK

17-18 September 2014
ATLAS.ti Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

17-19 September 2014
Innovating for a better world: ABIS Doctoral Summer School 2014
Grenoble, France 

17–19 September 2014
Fourth DwB Training Course: Working with data from official statistics in Europe – particularly the European Union Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS)
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

18-19 September 2014
Migrant mothers caring for the future: creative interventions in making new citizens
London South Bank University, UK 

18-19 September 2014
Theorising Personal Medical Devices: New Perspectives
University of Cambridge, UK 

18-20 September 2014
Mid-term conference of the ESA Research Network on Ageing in Europe - Ageing, Anti Ageing & Ageism: Constructions and Politics of Being Old in Europe 
Carinthia University of Applied Science, Klagenfurt, Austria 

19-20 September 2014
Sport, Gender and Education Conference
University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK 

22–26 September 2014

Gifts of Cooperation Masterclass
Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany 

25-26 September 2014
NVivo Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

26-27 September 2014
Postgraduate Conference - Crisis and Social Change: Towards Alternative Horizons
Cambridge University, UK 


27 September 2014
BSA/HEA Teaching Sociology in Higher Education Workshop
BSA Meeting Room, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

27 September 2014
Women's History Scotland Conference: Gender, Fitness and Sport!
Abertay University, Dundee, UK

1 October 2014
MAXQDA Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

2-4 October 2014
Autobiography International Conference
Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden 

2 October 2014
Transana Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

3 October 2014
Evaluation Research
University of Surrey, UK

8 October 2014
NVivo Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 


8 October 2014
BSA North East Medical Sociology Group Event
St Hild and St Bede College at Durham University, UK - BOOK NOW!

15 October 2014
ATLAS.ti Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

16–18 October 2014
43rd Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting Canadian Association on Gerontology - Landscapes of Aging: Critical Issues, Emerging Possibilities
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 

17 October 2014
'Au Pairing After the Au Pair Scheme' - ESRC Research Project Dissemination Event
Birkbeck, University of London, UK 

17 October 2014
Aesthetics, Politics and Violence: A Reflection on Practices of Political Art
Birkbeck, University of London, UK 

17 October 2014
Classical Music, Critical Challenges
King's College, London, UK

22 October 2014
The future of LGBT ageing: Rethinking research directions
University of Manchester, UK

22-24 October 2014
ELOA 2014 Conference - Innovations in older adult learning: Theory, research, policy
Valletta Campus, University of Malta

24-25 October 2014
Reflections on Dispossession: Critical Feminisms
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK 

30-31 October 2014
12th International Symposium for Olympic Research
Western University - London, Ontario, Canada 

30-31 October 2014
Urbanisation and Development in China
University of Southampton, UK 

3-5 November 2014

Knowledge, Culture, Economy International Conference
University of Western Sydney, Australia 

5 November 2014
Europe’s Ageing Demography: An ILC-UK Population Patterns Seminar Series
European and Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium 

5-7 November 2014
Repeat! The Logics of Exercises, Trainings, Tests and Rehearsals
Goldsmiths, University of London, UK 

6-7 November 2014
International Conference - A Long Way to the Top: The Production and Reception of Music in a Globalized World
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

6-7 November 2014
Critical Geographies of Urban Infrastructure
The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, UK 

7 November 2014
The Transformation of Latin American Social Policy: Dynamics, Institutions and Outcomes
University of Bath, UK 

10 November 2014
BSA Sociologists Outside Academia (SOA) Group Autumn Meeting 2014
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW!


12 November 2014
One Day Seminar: Qualitative Approaches to Happiness and Wellbeing Research
Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - BOOK NOW! - Abstract submission deadline:  5 September 2014

12-13 November 2014
NVivo Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

14 November 2014
BSA Social Aspects of Death, Dying and Bereavement (DDB) Study Group  Conference: Death, Inequality and Social Difference
BSA London Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW! - Submission deadline:  19 September 2014

19-21 November 2014
The Seventeenth International Conference: Socialism for the Twenty-first Century and the Eighth International Colloquium: The Influence of Philosophy and the Social Science on the Cultural Heritage of the countries of the American Mediterranean
University of Havana, Cuba

20-21 November 2014
Academic Workshop: Sense of Belonging in a Diverse Britain
Coventry University, UK

20-21 November 2014
Middle East and North Africa Social Policy (MENA) Conference
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, UK 


20-21 November 2014
MiReKoc 10th Year Symposium - "Border, Mobility and Diversity: Old Questions, New Challenges"
Koç University (MiReKoc), Istanbul, Turkey 

21-22 November 2014
Migration, Integration and Neighbourhoods: Where’s the Harm?
Cumberland Lodge, Berkshire, UK 


28 November 2014
BSA Ageing, Body and Society Study Group 6th Annual Conference 2014: Researching Bodies
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - Further details coming soon

2 December 2014
'On the Street Where you Live': Bourdieusian analysis of socio-spatial hierarchy
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOKING OPENING SOON
16-17 December 2014
1st Annual Conference of the Association for Psychosocial Studies - Psychosocial Connections: Practice, Policy and Research
University of Central Lancashire, UK

17-18 December 2014
NVivo Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

12-15 January 2015
4th International Conference on the Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Young People, Borders & Wellbeing
San Diego, California, USA

30 March–1 April 2015
Journal of Youth Studies conference: Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risks
Copenhagen, Denmark

31 March–2 April 2015
Talking Bodies: Identity, Sexuality, Representation
University of Chester, UK

16-17 April 2015
Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society: Social Movements and Faith
University of California at Berkeley, USA

16-18 April 2015
Narrating European Integration: Actors and Stories in Politics, Academia and Cultural Institutions
Portsmouth, UK


15 May 2015
BSA Sport Study Group Day Conference: Sport and Social Protest
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW! 

8-11 June 2015
Queer Kinship and Relationships International Conference
Zalesie, Masuria, Poland

10-13 June 2015
12th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference: Sport, Unity & Conflict
Dublin, Ireland 

17-19 June 2015
First International Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE)
Nottingham Trent University, UK


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