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Forthcoming Sociological Events



28 April 2015

1-day MAXqda Introductory Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

30 April 2015
Sex(y) Seminar Series
University of Northumbria (co-hosted with University of Sunderland), Newcastle, UK


1 May 2015
ESRC/BSA Conference:  Evolving understandings of racism and resistance – local and global conceptions and struggles
University of East London, UK 


1 May 2015
Virtue Ethics in the Practice and Review of Social Science Research
BSA Meeting Room, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

1 May 2015
Sport and Discrimination Conference
University of Sunderland, London Campus, UK 


8 May 2015
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Uncertain Futures in Health and Illness
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK - BOOK NOW!

8 May 2015
Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK 


8 May 2015
Lacan and Social Research: Exploring the Role of Fantasy in Accounts of Pay and Remuneration (supported by the BSA Sociology, Psychoanalysis and the Psychosocial and the Race & Ethnicity Study Groups)
Birkbeck, University of London, UK

8 May 2015
Understanding loneliness: A glass half full or half empty?
Brunel University, UK

8-9 May 2015
Researching Sex and Sexualities
University of Sussex, UK 


11 May 2015
East Midlands Medical Sociology Group Event
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK - BOOK NOW!


11 May 2015
Inequality in the 21st Century: a day long engagement with Thomas Piketty
London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

11-12 May 2015
The Paradox of Paradox? Workshop on Contradictions, Ironies and Surprises in Law, Economy and Society
Warsaw, Poland 


13 May 2015

BSA Applied Qualitative Health Research Group Event

University of York, UK - BOOK NOW!

13 May 2015
Myth(s) in the Social Sciences and Humanities
University of York, UK


14 May 2015
Exploring Stigma & Shame: An Interdisciplinary Workshop
Warwick University, UK


14 May 2015
Rethinking Disability on Screen: A One-Day Interdisciplinary Symposium
Humanities Research Centre, University of York, UK 

14-15 May 2015
The European Sport Tourism Academic Conference
University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland 


15 May 2015
BSA Sport Study Group Day Conference: Sport and Social Protest - Programme
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW! 


15 May 2015
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Challenging Hidden Normativity at Work
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK - BOOK NOW!


15 May 2015
South Coast BSA MedSoc Regional Group Inaugural meeting on Networks in Health
University of Southampton, UK

15-16 May 2015
Graduate Conference 2015 - Reflections on Social Change: Metamorphosis or Transformation?
Birkbeck, University of London, UK 


19 May 2015
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Emotional Methodologies
University of Leicester, UK - BOOK NOW!

19 May 2015
Sociology MSc Open Event
University of Surrey, UK

19-20 May 2015
2-day Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis

University of Surrey, UK


20 May 2015
Warwick Borders, Race, Ethnicity and Migration Network Public Lecture 2015 - Brick Walls: On Racism and Other Hard Histories
University of Warwick, UK

20 May 2015
Football as 'Inclusive Leisure'
Southampton Solent University, UK 

22 May 2015
1-day Introduction to Qualitative Interviewing

University of Surrey, UK 

26 May 2015
New Researchers in Families and Relationships
University of Edinburgh, UK 


28-30 May 2015
International Conference on Gender and Education: Critical Issues, Policy and Practice
Bloomington, Indiana, USA 


29 May 2015
BSA Theory Study Group: Early Career Theorists’ Symposium
Goldsmiths, University of London, UK


29 May 2015

BSA Teaching Group Regional Conference

University of East London, Stratford Campus - Programme - BOOK NOW!

1 June 2015
Moving Beyond "Us" and "Them": Challenging Discourses of Religious Otherness and Building a More Inclusive Society
Cumberland Lodge, Berkshire, UK

2 June 2015
1-day Managing Data with SPSS for windows

University of Surrey, UK


3-5 June 2015
Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association 2015: Collective Dynamics, Social (De-)Regulation and Public Spheres
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

3-7 June 2015
The 5th ICTs and Society-Conference: The Internet and Social Media at a Crossroads: Capitalism or Commonism? Perspectives for Critical Political Economy and Critical Theory
Vienna University of Technology, Austria


4 June 2015
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Society and Crisis: Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations of Societal Well-Being - Programme
University of Leicester, UK - BOOK NOW!

4-5 June 2015
The crisis for contemporary youth - opportunities and civic values in comparative, longitudinal and inter-generational perspective
School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK

4-5 June 2015
2-day Nvivo Introductory Training Workshop

University of Surrey, UK


8 June 2015
Qualitative Longitudinal Research – an advanced workshop
University of Leeds, UK

8-11 June 2015

Queer Kinship and Relationships International Conference
Zalesie, Masuria, Poland

8-11 June 2015
Understanding Conflict: Research, ideas and responses to security threats
University of Bath, UK 

8-11 June 2015
International Conference on Computational Social Science
Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland 

9 June 2014
NVivo Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

9 June 2015
1-day Nvivo Advanced Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

9-10 July 2015
British Academy Conference - The Race Relations Act @ 50
The British Academy, London, UK 

9-12 June 2015
ISSA 2015 World Congress of Sociology of Sport 50th Anniversary Celebration: The Sociological Lens and the Wellbeing of Sport
Paris, France 

10 June 2014
Atlas.ti Advanced Support Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 


10 June 2015
PsychoPolitics in the Twenty First Century: Peter Sedgwick and radical movements in mental health
Liverpool Hope University, UK

10 June 2015
“Go Home”: Mapping Immigration Controversy - End of Project Conference
University of Warwick, UK 

10 June 2015
1-day ATLAS.ti Advanced Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK 

10-11 June 2015
Qualitative Interviewing in Health Research: from design to publication
Newcastle University, UK 

10-12 June 2015
3rd International Conference of the International Childhood and Youth Research Network: Theory and Method in Child and Youth Research
European University Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus  

10-12 June 2015
5th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK 

10-13 June 2015
12th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference: Sport, Unity & Conflict
Dublin, Ireland 

11-12 June 2014
Qualitative Interviewing in Health Research: from design to publication workshop
Newcastle University, UK 


11-13 June 2015
2015 European Conference on Politics and Gender
Uppsala University, Sweden 

11-14 June 2015
The Sixth Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2015
Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Kansai Region, Japan 

12 June 2015
1-day Getting Published in Social Science Journals

University of Surrey, UK 

12-13 June 2015
Annual Meeting of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists (INAS)
Harvard University, USA 

15 June 2015
ESRC Seminar Series: Exploring the Social Benefits of Informal and Lifestyle Sports - Institutionalisation and Regulation
Brunel University, London, UK 

15-17 June 2015 
Policy-making in the Big Data Era: Opportunities and Challenges
University of Cambridge, UK 

17-19 June 2015
First International Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE)
Nottingham Trent University, UK

17-20 June 2015
Literacies and Sexualities in Cultural, Fictional, Real, and Virtual Worlds: Past, Present, Future Perfect?
Dublin, Ireland 

18-20 June 2015
The 5th US-UK Medical Sociology Conference: Meeting in the Middle
Reykjavik, Iceland

18-19 June 2015
14th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium: Reconstructing Social Theory, History and Practice
Cambridge, UK 

19 June 2015
Critical Race and Ethnicities Network Annual Conference
University of Sheffield, UK 

19 June 2015
Engaging Healthcare: the Ethics of the Marketplace and a Marketplace for Ethics?
Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK 

22 June 2015
BSA MedSoc Early Career Researcher Summer Event 2015
University of Cambridge, UK - BOOK NOW!

22 June 2015
BSA/British Library Annual Equality Lecture - Shami Chakrabarti 'On Liberty'
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

22-23 June 2015 
Law and the Ageing of Humankind (W G Hart Legal Workshop 2015)
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, UK

22-23 June 2015
National Education Opportunities Network Summer Symposium 2015: 'Does data matter? How can evidence improve
University of Sussex, UK 

22-23 June 2015
2-day ATLAS.ti Introductory Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK


22 June-3 July 2015
8th Annual Summer School on Black Europe: Interrogating Citizenship, Race and Ethnic Relations
International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), Amsterdam, Netherlands 


23 June 2015
BSA Violence Against Women Study Group: Then and Now & .....?
London Metropolitan University, UK - BOOK NOW!

24-26 June 2015
Feminisms, Power and Pedagogy: 10th Biennial Conference of the Gender and Education Association
University of Roehampton, UK

24-26 June 2015
Violence: Children, Family & Society Conference 2015
University of Northampton, UK 


25 June 2015
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Re-Appropriating Value(s) in Higher Education
University of Manchester, UK - BOOK NOW!

25-27 June 2015
Turkish Migration Conference: Economics, Identities and Geographies
Charles University Prague, Czech Republic 

26 June 2015
Creative Intentions 2015
University of Manchester, UK 

29 June–3 July 2015
Key Concepts and Methods in Ethnography, Language & Communication
King's College, London, UK 

29-30 June 2015
9th Intellectual Party - Summer Conference 2015
Lancaster University, UK 

29-30 June 2015
Ever Challenged Union: Exploring Ways Out of the Crises
Queen’s University Belfast, UK 

29 June–1 July 2015
‘Making all things new'? Evangelii Gaudium and Ecumenical Mission
St John’s College, Cambridge, UK


30 June 2015
BSA Food Study Group – SPERI event - Food, poverty and policy: evidence base and knowledge gaps
University of Sheffield, UK - BOOK NOW!


30 June 2015
BSA Bourdieu Study Group Event - Capital: In All Its Forms
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - FULLY BOOKED

1-2 July 2015
University of Manchester, UK 

1-3 July 2015
Second International Days of the Sociology of Energy: Contemporary Societies faced with Energy Transitions
University François Rabelais of Tours, France 

1-4 July 2015
16th Annual International Conference of the European Utopian Studies Society
Newcastle University, UK 

2 July 2015
Rethinking integration: New perspectives on adaptation and settlement in an era of superdiversity
University of Birmingham, UK 

2-3 July 2015
Still Telling Sexual Stories: The CSGS Summer School 2015
Durham University, UK 

2-4 July 2015
Annual Conference of the Global Studies Association - Living the Global: the cultural experience of globalization
Roehampton University, London, UK

3-4 July 2015
Sport and Diplomacy: Message, Mode and Metaphor?
SOAS, University of London, UK 

6-7 July 2015
Intersections of Ageing, Gender, Sexualities (i-ages)
University of Surrey, UK 

6-7 July 2015
2-day Nvivo Introductory Training Workshop

University of Surrey, UK 

6-8 July 2015
8th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference
Recanati Business School, Tel-Aviv University Israel 

6-8 July 2015
International Conference: Gender Relations and Rising Inequalities
University of East Anglia, UK 

6-8 July 2015
2015 Social Policy Association Annual Conference - Social Policy in the Spotlight: Change, Continuity and Challenge
Belfast Metropolitan College, Belfast, Northern Ireland 


6-15 July 2015
Strange Situation Training led by Dr Judith Solomon (hosted by the BSA Sociology, Psychoanalysis and the Psychosocial Study Group)
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

6-24 July 2015
International Summer School in Forced Migration
Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, UK 


7–9 July 2015
Sociology of Religion: Foundations and Futures
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hertfordshire, UK - BOOK NOW!

8-10 July 2015
22nd International Conference of Europeanists - Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures
Paris, France

8-10 July 2015
The 9th International Conference in Critical Management Studies: Is there an alternative? Management after critique
University of Leicester, UK

9 July 2015
Women, narrative and crime: an interdisciplinary conference
Teesside University, UK

12-15 July 2015
9th Biennial Conference of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology (ISCHP): Health, Healthcare and Social Justice
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

13-14 July 2015
2-day MAXQDA Introductory Training Workshop
University of Surrey, UK

14-15 July 2015
Children and Childhoods Conference
University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich, UK

15-16 July 2015
5th International CSCY Summer School for Postgraduate Students
Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth, The University of Sheffield, UK

15-17 July 2015
IUAES Inter-Congress 2015: Re-imagining Anthropological and Sociological Boundaries
Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

17-18 July 2015
Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2015: Facilitating Innovation
Keble College, University of Oxford, UK

21-22 July 2015
2-day Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis
University of Surrey, UK

21-23 July 2015
Understanding Society’s Scientific Conference 2015
University of Essex, UK
23 July 2015
Human Reproduction Study Group Annual Conference
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK - BOOK NOW! - Abstract submission deadline:  5 June 2015

28-30 July 2015
Fandom and Religion - An international, inter-disciplinary conference
University of Leicester, UK

30 July 2015
1-day Introduction to Qualitative Interviewing
University of Surrey, UK

29–31 July 2015
Working the Interactionist Tradition: Contributions, Legacies and Prospects
University of Salford, Manchester, UK

17-21 August 2015
CBC Summer School 2015: Behaviour Change - Principles and Practice
University College London, UK

17-21 August 2015
Multiple Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences (short course)
London School of Economics, UK

17-28 August 2015
Qualitative Research Methods (short course)
London School of Economics, UK

23-30 August 2015
UCSIA Summer School - Religion, Culture and Society: Entanglement and Confrontation
Antwerp, Belgium

24-28 August 2015
Ethnographic Methods and Practice (short course)
London School of Economics, UK
24-28 August 2015
Research Methods for the Online World (short course)
London School of Economics, UK

26-27 August 2015
5th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work - New Directions in Critical Sociology and Social Work: Identity, Narratives and Praxis
University of Chester, UK


2-4 September 2015
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015
University of Exeter, UK 

2-4 September 2015
Reflections on Revenge: an International Conference on the Culture and Politics of Vengeance
University of Leicester, UK

3-4 September 2015
3rd Special Interest Meeting European Society for Health and Medical Sociology: Europe in a Global Perspective
Trondheim, Norway


4 September 2015
BSA Sport Study Group Postgraduate Forum
Edge Hill University, UK

7-9 September 2015 
Trusting the hand that feeds you. Understanding the historical evolution of trust in food.
Brussels, Belgium

7-9 September 2015
UACES 45th Annual Conference
Bilbao, Spain


9-11 September 2015

Medical Sociology Annual Conference 2015

University of York, UK

10-12 September 2015
Ireland: Shared Futures?
Rennes, France 

15-17 September 2015
BERA Annual Conference 2015
Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

16 September 2015
One-day Symposium - Family Troubles: Care and Change in Diverse Contexts
University of Reading, UK

16-18 September 2015
4th International Visual Methods Conference 2015
Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton, UK

16-18 September 2015
Encountering alcohol and other drugs
Lisbon, Portugal

28-30 September 2015
Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference
Keble College, Oxford, UK

29-30 September 2015
Annual BAGSS Conference: Inequalities
University of Bamberg, Germany

27-29 April 2016
7th Child and Teen Consumption Conference - Child and Teen Consumption: Cultural Contexts, Relations and Practices
Aalborg University, Denmark

13-15 June 2016
Centre for Research on Families and Relationships International Conference 2016: Unequal Families and Relationships
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK

12-14 August 2015
Controlling Sexuality and Reproduction, Past and Present
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


24-28 August 2016
Inaugural Global Congress on Sports and Christianity
York St John University, UK


25-28 August 2015
12th Conference of the European Sociological Association: Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination

22-24 October 2015
The 3rd Psychoanalysis and Education Conference: Learning and non-learning in social, political, cultural and relational spaces
University of Sheffield, UK

23-24 October 2015
6th FPR-UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference - A Critical Moment: Sex/Gender Research at the Intersection of Culture, Brain, & Behavior
UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA

30-31 October 2015
Blackness in Britain 2015 - 'The Black Special Relationship': African American Scholarship and its impact on Black Intellectual Life in Britain
Birmingham City University, UK
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW! - Call for papers deadline: 14 September 2015

16-18 March 2016
Gender and Music: Practices, Performances, Politics
Örebro University, Sweden

24–28 August 2016
Inaugural Global Congress on Sports and Christianity
University of York, UK


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