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Forthcoming Sociological Events



12-14 August 2015

Controlling Sexuality and Reproduction, Past and Present
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


17-21 August 2015
CBC Summer School 2015: Behaviour Change - Principles and Practice
University College London, UK

17-21 August 2015
Multiple Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences (short course)
London School of Economics, UK

17-28 August 2015
Qualitative Research Methods (short course)
London School of Economics, UK

19 August 2015
A one-day symposium on Ethnicity and educational inequality: The role of aspirations
University of Bristol, UK

23-30 August 2015
UCSIA Summer School - Religion, Culture and Society: Entanglement and Confrontation
Antwerp, Belgium

24-28 August 2015
Ethnographic Methods and Practice (short course)
London School of Economics, UK


24-28 August 2015
Research Methods for the Online World (short course)
London School of Economics, UK
25-28 August 2015

26-27 August 2015
5th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work - New Directions in Critical Sociology and Social Work: Identity, Narratives and Praxis
University of Chester, UK

31 August–2 September 2015
Regional Studies Association Inaugural Australasian Conference - Rethinking the Region and Regionalism in Australasia: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

2 September 2015
The many faces of flooding: Policy, science, and art
University of Exeter, UK


2-4 September 2015
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015
University of Exeter, UK 

2-4 September 2015
Reflections on Revenge: an International Conference on the Culture and Politics of Vengeance
University of Leicester, UK

3-4 September 2015
3rd Special Interest Meeting European Society for Health and Medical Sociology: Europe in a Global Perspective
Trondheim, Norway


4 September 2015
BSA Sport Study Group Postgraduate Forum
Edge Hill University, UK

4 September 2015
Change, Resistance, and Collective Action in Southern Italy: A Multidisciplinary Symposium
University of Kent, UK

4-6 September 2015
6th International Carers Conference - Care and caring: future proofing the new demographics
Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden

7-9 September 2015 
Trusting the hand that feeds you. Understanding the historical evolution of trust in food.
Brussels, Belgium

7-9 September 2015
UACES 45th Annual Conference
Bilbao, Spain

8 September 2015
25 Years of Public Health Criticism: Critique and Nostalgia in Public Health
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

9-10 September 2015
The Great Outdoors? Children, Young People and Families in Natural and Rural Spaces
University of Northampton, UK


9-11 September 2015

Medical Sociology Annual Conference 2015

University of York, UK - FULLY BOOKED

10 September 2015
Tackling Spatial Inequalities: The Prospects for Economic Development and Regeneration
Novotel, Sheffield, UK 

10-12 September 2015
Ireland: Shared Futures?
Rennes, France 


11 September 2015

BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group: 'Unpacking Art' - Analysing the Social Consumption & Production of Art
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK - BOOK NOW!

11 September 2015
Religion and the Global City a Leverhulme Trust-funded workshop
University of Kent, UK

15 September 2015
From Scold's to Trolls; Social and Legal Responses to Visible and Audible Women: A one-day symposium
Lancaster University, UK

15-17 September 2015
BERA Annual Conference 2015
Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

16 September 2015
One-day Symposium - Family Troubles: Care and Change in Diverse Contexts
University of Reading, UK

16 September 2015
Materialities of Care: Encountering Health and Illness Through Objects, Artefacts, and Architecture
University of York, UK

16-18 September 2015
4th International Visual Methods Conference 2015
Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton, UK

16-18 September 2015
Encountering alcohol and other drugs
Lisbon, Portugal

17 September 2015
Policing and Democracy in the 21st Century
University of Liverpool, UK

17 September 2015
The Impact of Diasporas
The Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

18–19 September 2015
3rd Annual Weight Stigma Conference
Reykjavik University, Iceland

21 September 2015
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Scotland
The Lighthouse, Glasgow, UK

23 September 2015
Power and Corruption: Sporting Mega-Events, International Sports Organisations and the Future of Sport
Mansfield College, Oxford, UK

25 September 2015
ErRS* annual symposium - Islamophobia and Surveillance: Genealogies of a Global Order
Edge Hill University, UK

28-30 September 2015
Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference
Keble College, Oxford, UK

29-30 September 2015
Annual BAGSS Conference: Inequalities
University of Bamberg, Germany

1–2 October 2015
Ethnographies & Health: An early-career workshop
London School of Health & Tropical Medicine, London, UK

6 October 2015
Reconstructing Ourselves
Morriston Hospital, Swansea, Wales, UK


12-13 October 2015
An interdisciplinary and international conference - Migrants in the City: New Dynamics of Migration in Urban Settings
University of Sheffield, UK

12-14 October 2015
ADVED'15 - International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences
Istanbul, Turkey


14 October 2015  (12.30–16.30)
BSA Yorkshire MedSoc Group Seminar
University of Hull, UK - BOOK NOW!

14-16 October 2015
First International Legacy Network Conference - Glasgow 2014: Legacy, Partnership, Regeneration?
Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, UK

17 October 2015
Inform Autumn Seminar: Children, Minority Religions, and the Law
London School of Economics, UK

21 October 2015
Sociology Graduate Conference - Social Science and Digital Worlds: New Technologies, Old Methods
University of Leicester, UK

22-24 October 2015
The 3rd Psychoanalysis and Education Conference: Learning and non-learning in social, political, cultural and relational spaces
University of Sheffield, UK

23-24 October 2015
6th FPR-UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference - A Critical Moment: Sex/Gender Research at the Intersection of Culture, Brain, & Behavior
UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA

28 October 2015
The October Dialogues 2015: Black Lives Matter
Nottingham Contemporary, The Space, UK

29-30 October 2015
Supporting human rights organisations to deliver insights from data
University of Essex, UK

30-31 October 2015
Blackness in Britain 2015 - 'The Black Special Relationship': African American Scholarship and its impact on Black Intellectual Life in Britain
Birmingham City University, UK

2-6 November 2015
Configurational Research with QCA and CNA
University of Geneva, Switzerland

6-7 November 2015
4th EMCA Doctoral Network Meeting
North West Doctoral Training Centre, Manchester, UK



12 November 2015
Politics of Location
Salford Innovation Forum, UK


BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - BOOK NOW! - Call for papers deadline: 14 September 2015

23–26 November 2015
TASA2015: Neoliberalism and Contemporary Challenges for the Asia-Pacific
James Cook University, Cairns, Australia


2 December 2015
Marginal Death Research: Doing Edgework
University of York, UK


9 December 2015
BSA Happiness Study Group - Happiness, Wellbeing and Flourishing: Exploring Links between Research, Policy and Practice
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK - Abstract submission deadline:  23 October 2015


10-11 December 2015
Weber/Simmel antagonisms - Staged dialogues (a conference organized by the Max Weber Group of the British Sociological Association and Sociology Edinburgh)
University of Edinburgh, UK - BOOK NOW!



14 December 2015
Social Research Association Annual Conference - Social research in the 21st Century: What makes for evidence we can trust?
British Library Conference Centre, London, UK

7-8 January 2016
Social Character and Historical Processes: a conference in honour of Stephen Mennell
University College, Dublin, Ireland

30 January 2016
The Cultures of New India Conference
University of Brighton, UK

24-25 February 2016
2nd Behaviour Change Conference
University College London,UK

16-18 March 2016
Gender and Music: Practices, Performances, Politics
Örebro University, Sweden

7-9 April 2016
International Girl Studies Association Inaugural Conference
University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK



27 June 2016
Lancaster University, UK - BOOK NOW!


10-14 July 2016

Third ISA Forum of Sociology - The Futures we want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World
Vienna, Austria

10–14 August 2016
Sustainable and Just Rural Transitions: Connections and Complexities
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
24–28 August 2016
Inaugural Global Congress on Sports and Christianity
University of York, UK

31 August-3 September 2016
European Population Conference: Demographic Change and Policy Implications
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany


5-7 April 2017

BSA Annual Conference 2017 - Recovering the Social: Personal Troubles as Public Issues

University of Manchester, UK


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