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Forthcoming Sociological Events



26 May 2016


26-28 May 2016
ISA RC28 Conference: Intergenerational Transfer, Human Capital, and Inequality
National University of Singapore


27 May 2016
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Examining Normativity in Consumer Culture and Labour Markets
University of St Andrews, UK - BOOK NOW!
3 June 2016
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event - Close to home: moral dilemmas, ethical practice and complexities of reflexivity in ethnographic research
London School of Economics, UK - BOOK NOW! 
3 June 2016
BSA Violence Against Women Study Group Day Event: Learning About Violence Against Women and Girls
University of Gloucestershire, UK - BOOK NOW!

7 June 2016
Mental health and reflexivity: The role of personal experiences of mental ill-health in medical sociological research
University of Edinburgh, UK

7 June 2016
Rethinking urban inequality in contemporary times, with Loїc Wacquant
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
8 June 2016
Birmingham City University, UK - BOOK NOW!
8 June 2016
Celebrity, Prestige and the Cultural Field - Workshop
University of Portsmouth, UK

8-9 June 2016
Minds and brains in everyday life: Embedding and negotiating scientific concepts in popular discourses
University of Edinburgh, UK

8-9 June 2017
Tenth Global Studies Conference
National University of Singapore, Singapore


10 June 2016
Human Reproduction Study Group Annual Conference - Programme
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK - BOOK NOW!

13 June 2016

BSA Food Study Group - Doing Food Research: Qualitative Approaches

University of Westminster, UK - BOOK NOW!

13-15 June 2016
Centre for Research on Families and Relationships International Conference 2016: Unequal Families and Relationships
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK

14 June 2016
BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group: Using the Arts in Teaching and Research - Programme
University of Sheffield, UK - BOOK NOW! 


20-21 June 2016
Science/Technology/Security: Challenges to global governance?
University College London

23 June 2016
Focus Group Masterclass
London, UK

23-24 June 2016
Children and Young People in a Changing World: Action, Agency and Participation
Liverpool Hope University, UK


23-24 June 2016
International conference – Frontiers and borders of superdiversity: theory, method and practice
University of Birmingham, UK


23-24 June 2016
International Hip Hop Studies Conference: It Ain’t Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At
University of Cambridge, UK


27 June 2016
Deconstructing Donation Study Group Conference
Lancaster University, UK - BOOK NOW!


27-28 June 2016
BSA Citizenship Study Group and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Citizenship: Political Citizenship and Social Movements - Programme
University of Portsmouth, UK - BOOK NOW!


27-29 June 2016
Kurdish Studies Summer School - Kurdish Politics and Society: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
University of Leicester, UK

27-29 June 2016
ESHMS 16th biennal congress - Healthy lives: technologies, policies and experiences
University of Geneva, Switzerland

28 June–1 July 2016
EASR 2016 Conference: Relocating Religion
University of Helsinki, Finland


29 June 2016
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: A Digital Turn? Emergence of a Digital Sociology
University of Abertay Dundee, UK - BOOK NOW! 

29 June–1 July 2016
2nd Annual Conference of the Association for Psychosocial Studies
University of West of England, Bristol, UK

29 June-2 July 2016
17th ISHPES congress: Sites of sport in history
Paris, France


4 July 2016
BSA Digital Sociology and MedSoc Yorkshire Groups: Digital Health/Digital Capitalism One Day Conference
Leeds Beckett University, UK - BOOK NOW!


4-6 July 2016

BSA Bourdieu Study Group Annual Conference 2016 - Programme

University of Bristol, UK - BOOK NOW!


5-7 July 2016
Writing Bootcamp
Edinburgh, UK

7-9 July 2016
The Diversity of Nonreligion & NSRN Conference 2016 - Approaching Nonreligion: Conceptual, methodical, and empirical approaches in a new research field
University of Zürich, Switzerland
8 July 2016
BSA Teaching Group Regional Conference
University of Sheffield, UK - BOOK NOW!

10-13 July 2016
5th International Conference on Sport, Race and Ethnicity - Global im/mobilities: Sport and the politics of social justice and solidarity
University of Brighton, UK


10-14 July 2016

Third ISA Forum of Sociology - The Futures we want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World
Vienna, Austria

11 July 2016

BSA Sociology of Education Study Group One-Day Conference: ‘Grit’, Governmentality & the Erasure of Inequality? The Curious Rise of Character Education Policy (in association with Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London and the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds)

King’s College London, UK - BOOK NOW!


12-14 July 2016

BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference

Lancaster University, UK - BOOK NOW!

13-15 July 2016
3rd International ESS Conference: Understanding key challenges for European societies in the 21st century
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

21-22 July 2016
The Fourth Annual Summer School
Durham University, UK 


3-5 August 2016
MMIRA Conference 2016 - Moving Beyond the Linear Model: The Role of Mixed Methods Research in an Age of Complexity
Durham University, UK


10–14 August 2016
Sustainable and Just Rural Transitions: Connections and Complexities
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

11-13 August 2016
The 28th Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association: Knowledge-Making Practices and Sociology's Global Challenge
Helsinki, Finland


24–28 August 2016
Inaugural Global Congress on Sports and Christianity
University of York, UK

31 August-3 September 2016
European Population Conference: Demographic Change and Policy Implications
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany


6-8 September 2016
BSA Work, employment & society Conference
University of Leeds, UK - BOOK NOW!


7-9 September 2016
BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference
Aston University, UK - BOOK NOW!


8–10 September 2016
Max Weber’s Hinduism and Buddhism Reflections on a sociological classic 100 years on
SOAS London, UK
9 September 2016
BSA Emotions Study Group Workshop: Emotions in the Social World
University of Edinburgh, UK - BOOK NOW!

11-16 September 2016
9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology
University of Leicester, UK

25-27 October 2016
National Centre for Longitudinal DataLongitudinal Data Conference 2016: Powerful data | Strong evidence | Informed policy
National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia

28-29 October 2016
Truth, Lies, and Manufacturing Memory
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada


7-9 November 2016
15th International Conference on Food Processing & Technology
Istanbul, Turkey


2 December 2016
BSA Social Aspects of Death, Dying and Bereavement Study Group Annual Symposium: Death, Dying, Bereavement and Technologies in the 21st Century
University of Sheffield, UK - BOOK NOW! - Abstract submission deadline:  12 September 2016

14-17 December 2016
Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2016
University of Sydney and Western Sydney University, Australia

19-21 January 2017
Thirteenth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability
Niterói, Greater Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


4-6 April 2017

BSA Annual Conference 2017 - Recovering the Social: Personal Troubles as Public Issues

University of Manchester, UK


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