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BSA Annual Conference Archive

BSA Annual Conference 2013 - Engaging Sociology

3-5 April 2013 
Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2012 - Sociology in an Age of Austerity

11-13 April 2012
University of Leeds, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2011 - 60 Years of Sociology

6-8 April 2011
London School of Economics, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2010 - Inequalities & Social Justice

7-9 April 2010

Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2009 - The Challenge of Global Social Inquiry

16-18 April 2009

Cardiff City Hall, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2008 - Social Worlds, Natural Worlds

28-30 March 2008

University of Warwick, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2007 - Social Connections: Identities, Technologies, Relationships

12-14 April 2007

University of East London, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2006 - Sociology, Social Order(s) and Disorder(s)

21-23 April 2006

Harrogate International Centre, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2005 - The Life Course: Fragmentation, Diversity and Risk

21-23 March 2005

University of York, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2004 - Sociological Challenges: Conflict, Anxiety and Discontent

22-24 March 2004

University of York, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2003 - A Sociological History of the BSA Social Futures: Desire, Excess and Waste

11-13 April 2003

University of York, UK

The Plenary Speakers were:

  • George Ritzer (University of Maryland) who spoke on: The Globalization of Nothing: What is Its Relationship to Excess?
  • Beverley Skeggs (University of Manchester) who spoke on: 'Becoming Repellent: The limits to propriety'

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