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BSA Presidential Event

The Challenge of Big Data

25 October 2013


British Library Conference Centre,
London, UK



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BSA President, Professor John Holmwood announces a one-day seminar/workshop on 'The Challenge of Big Data', organised in collaboration with Dr Emma Uprichard, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick and Dr Abby Day, Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths.


Speakers include: Evelyn Ruppert (Goldsmiths), Ken Benoit (LSE), Emma Uprichard (University of Warwick), Alan Warde (University of Manchester), Abby Day (Goldsmiths), Emer Coleman (dsrptn), Peter Elias (University of Warwick), Paul Martin (University of Sheffield), Paul Taylor (UCL), Andrew Goffey (University of Nottingham).


The Government White Paper on Open Data and the Finch Report on Open Access to Research publications were both published in June 2012, inaugurating a discussion about the changing nature of social science research and its role in the evaluation of policy and practice. Administrative data and its linkage to other large data sets, data mining, and the increased proprietorial interest in large data all pose a fundamental challenge for the social sciences to confront big data with big questions. This joint event of the British Library and the British Sociological Association uses a workshop format to address these issues.


The event will take place at the British Library Conference Centre, London on Friday, 25 October 2013 between 09:30-16:45.

Places for this event are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Lunch and refreshments are included.  BSA Members can attend this event for £10.  Non-Members of the BSA may also attend this event for a registration fee of £30.


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