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BSA Visual Sociology Study Group

The study of visual culture is an exciting, relevant and revealing dimension of sociology attracting internationally a growing number of students (undergraduate and postgraduate), scholars and researchers. The establishment of a Study Group dedicated to the visual cultural dimensions of human society provides a professional focal point for this important and expanding field of sociological scholarship and research. The group was formed in January 2006.


Aims and Objectives of the Group

  • To provide an organizational context in which to bring together academics and researchers from a number of areas within sociology who have an interest in the visual;
  • To provide a forum to allow for the critical development, building and elaboration of visual sociological theorizing and related discourses;
  • To develop new and refine existing visual sociological methodologies;
  • To develop professional practice protocols for the ethics of visual sociological research;
  • To create a context in which professional networking and constructive interdisciplinary communication can take place;
  • To seek a professional interaction with the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA); its intellectual explorations and its established hub for visual sociologists.

Join the Visual Sociology Study Group

Membership of the Visual Sociology Study Group is free to BSA members, however, if you are not a member you can join by completing the Application Form and returning it, along with payment, to:  British Sociological Association, Bailey Suite, Palatine House, Belmont Business Park, Durham DH1 1TW.


Join the Visual Sociology Mailing List

To subscribe/unsubscribe or view archived messages, please visit the Visual Sociology Mailing List.

Annual Report

The Visual Sociology Study Group Annual Report is now available.

Forthcoming Events

A seminar on the in/visibility of children and young people in contemporary Britain will be hosted by the BSA's Families and Relationships Study Group at the University of Huddersfield in Autumn 2016.

An interactive workshop will explore the generation and communication of research in visual sociology. The BSA's Postgraduate Forum are the main organiser. Details will also be made available on their website.

Please watch this space for details of these and other events.

Contact the Convenors:

Dr Janet Fink

Professor of Childhood and Personal Relationships
School of Education and Professional Development
University of Huddersfield

Send an email.


Dr Terence Heng

Assistant Professor and Deputy Programme Director

Singapore Institute of Technology

Send an email. 


Dr Helen Lomax

Professor in Health and Wellbeing
Institute of Health and Wellbeing
University of Northampton

Send an email


Dr Dawn Mannay

Lecturer in Social Sciences (Psychology)

School of Social Sciences

Cardiff University

Send an email.



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