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SAGE Prize for Innovation/Excellence - Winners Archive

The 2015 Prize 


Julia Nast and Talja Blokland

Social Mix Revisited: Neighbourhood Institutions as Setting for Boundary Work and Social Capital, 48.3: 482


Sociological Research Online

Alice Mah

The Dereliction Tourist: Ethical Issues of Conducting Research in Areas of Industrial Ruination, 19.4


Cultural Sociology

Esperança Bielsa

Cosmopolitanism as Translation, 8.4: 392


Work, employment and society

Andrew Brown

Critical realism in social research: approach with caution; and 

Steve Fleetwood

Critical realism and systematic dialectics: a reply to Andrew Brown, 28.1: 112


Martin Krzywdzinski

Do investors avoid strong trade unions and labour regulation? Social dumping in the European automotive and chemical industries, 28.6: 926

The 2014 Prize

Cultural Sociology

Fernando Dominguez Rubio and Elizabeth B. Silva
Materials in the Field: Object-trajectories and Object-positions in the Field of Contemporary Art, 7.2: 161


Sociological Research Online

Paul Jones
Picturing Urban Regeneration: A Study of Photographers in Liverpool, UK, 18.3



Susan Halford, Catherine Pope & Mark Weal
Digital Futures? Sociological Challenges and Opportunities in the Emergent Semantic Web


Work, Employment and Society

Michael Burawoy
Ethnographic fallacies: reflections on labour studies in the era of market, 27.3: 526

The 2013 Prize

Cultural Sociology

Matthias Gross

‘Objective Culture’ and the Development of Nonknowledge: Georg Simmel and the Reverse Side of Knowing

Cultural Sociology, 6.4: 422



Michael Burawoy

The Roots of Domination: Beyond Bourdieu and Gramsci

Sociology, 46.2: 187

Stephen Kemp

Evaluating Interests in Social Science: Beyond Objectivist Evaluation and the Non-judgemental Stance

Sociology, 46.4: 664


Sociological Research Online

Sumi Hollingworth & Ayo Mansaray, 

Conviviality under the Cosmopolitan Canopy? Social Mixing and Friendships in an Urban Secondary School 

Sociological Research Online, 17.3


Work, employment & society

Philippe Askenazy, Jean-Baptiste Berry, Francoise Carré, Sophie Prunier-Poulmaire & Chris Tilly

Working in large food retailers in France and the USA: The key role of institutions

Work, employment & society, 26.4: 588

The 2012 Prize

Cultural Sociology

Andrew Smith
‘Concrete Freedom’: C.L.R. James on Culture and Black Politics
Cultural Sociology, 5.4: 479-99


Sociological Research Online
Maria Pérez-y-Pérez and Tony Stanley
Ethnographic Intimacy: Thinking Through the Ethics of Social Research in Sex Worlds
Sociological Research Online, 16.2


Carol Smart
Families, Secrets and Memories
Sociology, 45: 539-53


Henry Yeomans
What Did the British Temperance Movement Accomplish? Attitudes to Alcohol, the Law and Moral Regulation
Sociology, 45: 38-53


Work, employment and society
Clare Lyonette, Gayle Kaufman and Rosemary Crompton
‘We both need to work’: maternal employment, childcare and health care in Britain and the USA
Work, employment and society, 25: 34-50

The 2011 Prize

Cultural Sociology

Jeremy Tanner

Michael Baxandall and the Sociological Interpretation of Art

Cultural Sociology, 4: 231-256


Sociological Research Online

Will Atkinson

Class, Individualisation and Perceived (Dis)advantages: not Either/Or but Both/And?

Sociological Research Online, 15.4



Simon Weaver

The 'Other' Laughs Back: Humour and Resistance in Anti-racist Comedy

Sociology, 44: 31-48


Work, Employment and Society
Rosemary Crompton
Class and Employment
Work, Employment and Society, 24: 9-26

The 2010 Prize

Cultural Sociology

Lisa McCormick
Higher, Faster, Louder: Representations of the International Music Competition
Cultural Sociology, 3: 5


Sociological Research Online

John S. McKenzie
‘You don’t know how lucky you are to be here!’:  Reflections on Covert Practices in an Overt Participant Observation Study
Sociological Research Online, 14.2/3

*The judges would like to note that all the papers were very strong and that the paper by Jason Lim and Kath Browne ‘Senses of Gender’ was a very strong candidate as well.



Muriel Darmon
The Fifth Element: Social Class and the Sociology of Anorexia
Sociology, 43: 717


Work, Employment and Society

John Hockey
‘Switch on’: sensory work in the infantry
Work, employment and society, 23: 477

The 2009 Prize

For Sociological Research Online

Using a Head-mounted Video Camera to Understand Social Worlds and Experiences
Katrina Myrvang Brown, Rachel Dilley and Keith Marshall
Sociological Research Online, Volume 13, No. 6.
This article is available free to individual subscribers here.
For Work, Employment and Society
Jointly awarded to:
Care strategies among high- and low-skilled mothers: A world of difference?*
by Maja Debacker
Work Employment and Society, Volume 22, No. 3, pp. 527-545.
Preference or constraint? Part time workers' transitions in Denmark, France and the United Kingdom*
by Vanessa Gash
Work Employment and Society, Volume 22, No. 4, pp. 655-674.
For Sociology
Facing Violence: Everyday Risks in an American Housing Project*
by Talja Blokland
Sociology, Volume 42, No. 4, pp. 601-617.

For Cultural Sociology

Why Salem Made Sense: Culture, Gender, and the Puritan Persecution of Witchcraft*
by Isaac Reed, University of Colorado at Boulder
Cultural Sociology, Volume 1, No. 2, pp. 209-234.


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