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SAGE Prize for Innovation/Excellence

The SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence is awarded annually to one paper in each of the BSA's prestigious journals: Cultural Sociology, Sociological Research Online, Sociology and Work, Employment and Society.


The prize will be awarded to the paper published in the previous year's volume judged to represent innovation or excellence in the field.


The prize is £250 worth of SAGE books or a free annual individual subscription to a journal of the winner's choice. All nominees for the prize will receive publicity from the BSA and SAGE Publications, and winners' papers will receive a period of free electronic access to their article (to encourage usage and citation). 


Click here for more information about the prize and judging process.

2015 Nominees

Sociology journal Nominees for the SAGE Prize

  • Oona Brooks, Interpreting Young Women's Accounts of Drink Spiking: The Need for a Gendered Understanding of the Fear and Reality of Sexual Violence, 48.2: 300
  • Nicholas Gane, Sociology and Neoliberalism: A Missing History, 48.6: 1092
  • Charles Leddy-Owen, Reimagining Englishness: 'Race', Class, Progressive English Identities and Disrupted English Communities, 48.6: 1123
  • Julia Nast and Talja Blokland, Social Mix Revisited: Neighbourhood Institutions as Setting for Boundary Work and Social Capital, 48.3: 482
  • Petra Nordqvist, Bringing Kinship into Being: Connectedness, Donor Conception and Lesbian Parenthood, 48.2: 268
  • Marion Peacock, Paul Bissell and Jenny Owen, Shaming Encounters: Reflections on Contemporary Understandings of Social Inequality and Health, 48.2: 387

2014 Winners

The BSA and SAGE are very pleased to announce this year's winner of the journals SAGE Prize for Innovation and/or Excellence: 


Cultural Sociology

Sociological Research Online


Work, Employment and Society

Visit the SAGE Prize Winners Archive to see previous winners details.  View all the 2014 SAGE prize nominees.


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