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Sociologists Outside Academia

What does the SOA group do?

We are a group of sociologists within the BSA who have come together through our common experience of being situated largely outside of academia, or who do not fit the 'traditional' profile of institutionally-based sociologists.  There are currently around 240 members.  Our group is a reminder that


  • Sociologists come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Not all sociologists have permanent associations with academic institutions.
  • The BSA is there to support all sociologists.


The SOA group has been established to:


  • Raise the profile of sociologists working largely outside academic institutions.
  • Raise the status of sociological work undertaken beyond an academic context.
  • Raise awareness of the support needed for sociologists outside academia.
  • Strengthen our professional identities as sociologists working beyond the confines of academia.
  • Recognise that not all sociologists wish to work in an academic institution for all, or even part of their careers after graduating.

Forthcoming Events

17 October 2016
BSA Sociologists outside Academia, in collaboration with Sage Publishing Ltd and the Sociological Imagination - Practical Sociology: Agenda for Action
British Psychological Society Meeting Rooms, London, UK - BOOK NOW!

What We Offer You

  • Networking opportunities via an e-mail discussion forum.
  • Representation on the BSA Advisory Forum.
  • Support on issues affecting sociologists working beyond academic institutions.
  • Occasional face-to-face networking and social events.

Join us now

If this sounds good to you, come and join us!  Membership of SOAG is free.  To subscribe to the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, send an email to JISCMAIL

  • Subject line - leave this empty.
  • In the body of the message, write SUBSCRIBE SOA YourFirstname YourSurname
  • You will receive a welcome message confirming your subscription within 24 hours.  If you don't receive anything, check your spam file. If you have any queries or difficulties joining the list, please contact the convenors below.
  • To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail to JISCMAIL, leave the Subject line blank, and in the message body write: UNSUBSCRIBE SOA
  • To see past postings to the SOA forum, visit the SOA JISCMAIL archive (login required)

Resources and Links

Any sociologist outside academia is welcome to submit an article, such as a short biography, events review, general discussion piece or any other item that might be useful. Please contact the convenors for more details.

Contact the convenors:

Anika Baddeley (for membership enquiries)

Nick Fox

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