About the Group

The BSA Teaching Group was formerly the Association of the Teaching of Social Sciences and became a special interest group of the British Sociological Association in 2012.  It is a network for those keen to further the interests of sociology teaching and aims to promote social sciences in primary, secondary and higher education.  


The group organises regional events and seminars throughout the country, for those teaching sociology to develop and share ideas and strategies, with invaluable networking opportunities. Some of the speakers' presentations from recent seminars are downloadable from our Archive section.


The Group is also active in promoting the interests of sociology teachers to examination boards, academic bodies, governmental and political agencies and the wider public. Members of the group can be found in every sector of education, but the majority are teachers of Advanced Level Sociology. Members are encouraged to be active in the running of the Group through local activities. 


Promotions encouraging student participation are organised by the group and rolled out nationally, these are extremely popular and valued by teachers and pupils alike. For an example, visit the Competition section and see the BSA National Sixth Form Sociology Competition.


The Sociology Teacher journal is available to members and is a useful academic resource published as an online downloadable file three times a year (Spring, Summer and Winter).  It is aimed at a wide readership mostly consisting of those who teach sociology at school and FE levels. The Sociology Teacher focuses on a wide range of areas, themes, news topics and current affairs relating to teaching sociology. As such, it acts as both a very popular resource and a newsletter within which contemporary issues are highlighted and examined.  Members are invited to submit articles for publication in the Journal, for further details please visit the Journal section.


Discover Sociology, a leaflet produced by the BSA, is a new learning resource designed to help raise the profile of sociology and inspire more students to consider the discipline as a career choice. For further information please visit the Resources section. 


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