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Medical Sociology Group 2021 (MedSoc Month)

About the Event

We are welcoming an open call to submit to MedSoc Month, taking place in September 2021. 

We have opted to move away from the standard conference schedule for 2021. We are aware that Zoom-fatigue is already prevalent, and we want to ensure MedSoc is accessible and innovative. 

Over the course of September 2021, attendees of MedSoc will have access to all successful papers/contributions, which will be uploaded to the BSA server so that they can be accessed at attendee convenience. On each Friday in September, we will facilitate live discussions and debates relating to the content of grouped themes, with presenters available to respond to questions about their work. We will also host the MedSoc AGM, Cost of Living Panel, and other live special events (which will also be recorded).

More details of presentation times will be made available before September.

Call for Papers

Abstracts will be submitted to existing streams and judged on the usual 3 criteria of robustness, sociological contribution, and methods, however there will be additional criteria of creativity in delivery.  

Applicants are welcome to submit poetry, pecha kuchas, debates, intergenerational discussions, Q&As, animations, illustrations, standard papers – anything that best communicates your work, shared work, or medical sociological theory.  

Abstracts will be limited to 150 words and accepted 'papers' will be expected to take no longer than 20 minutes.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, 30 April 2021

If you have any further ideas, concerns or queries, please contact co-convenors Jen RemnantSarah Hoare and/or Shadreck Mwale.  

Otherwise, we wish you a safe 2021. 

  • Citizenship and Health
  • Lifecourse – reproductive health; chronic conditions; ageing; death and dying
  • Critical Public Health
  • Mental Health
  • Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment
  • Open
  • Embodiment and Emotion
  • Patient – professional interaction
  • Environment and Health
  • Pedagogy and Methods
  • Experiences of Health and Illness
  • Politics and Ethics of Health
  • Health Care Organisations
  • Professions
  • Health Policy
  • STS and Medicine
  • Health Service Delivery
  • Theory
  • Inequalities and Intersectionality


The abstract submission deadline is Friday, 30 April 2021, abstracts received after this date will not be considered. 

All presenters will be required to pay and register to present.  The presenter booking deadline is 6 July 2021.  

Registration Rates

Registration is OPEN.

  • BSA Concessionary Members: £40
  • BSA Members: £60
  • Non-members: £120

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2021
  • Latest confirmation of abstract decision: 4 June 2021
  • Presenter booking deadline: 6 July 2021
  • Registration closes: 27 August 2021
  • Conference starts: 3 September 2021
  • Conference closes 24 September 2021