Researching (In)equalities at Work Postgraduate Researchers’ Methods Symposium

Organised by The Work and Equalities Institute, Alliance Manchester Business School and funded by BSA

5 April 2019 (9am-7pm)
Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), Room 3.009, The University of Manchester, Booth Street West, Manchester M15 6PB

About the Event

In recent years, there has been an increasing need for doctoral students to research inequalities at work. This requires a complex set of skills, not traditionally taught in PGR training programmes. This one-day conference will attempt to provide the tools which is needed to conduct this type of research, including the use of census data such as the Labour Force Survey and the Family Resources Survey. In addition to this, experienced researchers from the field will share their insight into how they conduct research on inequalities, ranging from gaining access to participants and organisations, to how to undertake research on sensitive topics. The day will culminate with a panel discussion on inequalities lead by practitioners who deal with these issues on a daily basis, such as David Perfect (EHRC), Trade Union and Citizens Advice Manchester (CAM).


Keynote Speaker: Professor Ken McPhail (Deputy Head of School and Director of Research, AMBS)

  • Theme 1: Accessing and utilising existing data
    • Sarah King-Hele (UKDS) and Anthony Rafferty (AMBS) will discuss the practicalities of accessing and utilising existing large data sources useful for studying work equalities.
  • Theme 2: Accessing organisations and participants
    • Sheena Johnson (AMBS), Mathew Johnson (AMBS) and Miguel Martinez Lucio (AMBS) will discuss how to approach and discuss sensitive issues with organisational gatekeepers, including methods of accessing underrepresented populations (e.g., vulnerable workers, those living in precarious circumstances).
  • Theme 3: Undertaking research on sensitive topics
    • Lucy Webb (MMU), Jo Cartwright (London Metropolitan), Robert Akparibo (University of Sheffield) and Clare Mumford (AMBS) will share the tools to approach topics related to equalities with appropriate respect and understanding. This will include ethical methods for accessing sensitive issues through the use of co-production and ethnography, among other techniques.
  • Theme 4: Voices from the Field
    • The day will culminate with a panel discussion in which David Perfect (EHRC), Karen Lewis (GMB) and Rosi Avis (CAM) will discuss the key issues faced by workers which they encounter on a daily basis.


Registration includes lunch, refreshments and drinks reception.

  • BSA members: £5
  • Non-members: £15 

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