BSA Sports Study Group Postgraduate Research Forum

5 September 2019 (9am–5.30pm)
Oxford Brookes University, UK - PROGRAMME

About the Event

The aim of this year’s forum, hosted by Oxford Brookes, is to continue efforts to develop the BSA’s postgraduate research community by providing students with the opportunity to appreciate current postgraduate research within sport, health and the social sciences. 

This conference seeks to explore:

  1. how identity related issues (gender, race, ethnicity, disability etc.) can influence involvement in sport;
  2. how careers, within sport or otherwise, can be effected by individual relationships with sport, and;
  3. how opportunities to engage in or excel at sport are impacted by interventions, programmes and other factors at local, regional and national levels.

This forum is open to any postgraduate student with an interest in sport. A full programme can be found here.


This is a FREE event. Registration is now OPEN.


For further details please contact the event organisers: