Caring for Ourselves and Others as Early Career Academics

An Early Career Forum Event

20 June 2017 (10am-4pm)
University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This one day event aims to explore the challenges of contemporary academic labour specifically on Early Career Academics (ECAs) through the lens of care. Care is defined broadly to encompass both self-care in response to the intensifying pressures of the neoliberal academy, as well as care responsibilities for others, remaining sensitive to intersections of gender, race, age, class, ability and nationality. Recent scholarship into academic labour has highlighted the heightened pressures of the sector’s working cultures, characterised by intensified casualization, corporatization, long hours, an expectation to always be 'on' and an erasure of work/life boundaries. These labouring conditions produce and reinforce stark inequalities that are felt particularly keenly by ECAs.