Sex in Society: Bringing Together Sociological Research on Sexual Culture, Sexual Practice and Sexual Consumption

A BSA Postgraduate Forum Regional Event

2 March 2018
University of Sheffield, UK

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Fiona Vera-Gray
  • Dr Rachel Wood 

What do we know about sex in society?

You are invited to a one day workshop to explore contemporary social and political questions around sex in society. Advanced technological developments coupled with changing societal attitudes and values towards sex and sexuality, mean we are seeing huge changes to the sexual sphere. Making sense of these changes can be difficult given their complexity, diversity, and unprecedented nature, and the contradictory messages we see in the media. This event will bring together PGR students and academics who are pursuing sociological research into sex, sexual culture, sexual practice and sexual consumption. Together we will discuss sex in society.

The workshop is a one day event which will include: two keynote speakers Dr Rachel Wood and Dr Fiona Vera-Gray; presentations with Q&A; lunch and refreshments (included); and a round table discussion to network, collaborate and share ideas.

Call for Papers

You are invited to submit an abstract (max 200 words) for a 15-minute presentation on your research. Presentations are sought on the following themes: erotica and pornography; sex and communication; sex work; sex and relationship education; new sexual technology; sexual consumption; sexualities; sexual identities; sex, legislation and public policy; sex research, methods and ethics. Please submit abstracts by Wednesday, 10 January 2018 to Ruth Beresford. Bursaries of up to £50 are available to cover travel expenses for presenters.

Cost and Registration

  • £5 for BSA members
  • £15 for non-BSA members
  • Lunch and refreshments included

The event will take place in The Diamond Workroom 1 at the University of Sheffield from 09:45–16:30.

Organised by Ruth Beresford.