Sociology across the Generations Workshop 1: Intersections and Inter-disciplinarity

13 September 2017 (10:30-16:45)
Anglia Ruskin University, UK - PROGRAMME

As part of its Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations, the journal Sociology published four e-special issues edited by members of its editorial board. These themed collections of past articles were well received. A sub-plenary based around them was held at the 2016 BSA Conference. One of the outcomes of this event was the suggestion that the journal should be doing more to promote the wealth of work in its archive and, in particular, to encourage cross-generational discussions between early-career, established, and retiring academics.

This event, which we hope will be the first of a series, will foster discussion across the generations by bringing together the authors of recent and older, influential articles from Sociology. The theme of the day is 'Intersections and Inter-disciplinarity' and the format should allow consideration of important questions about continuity and change in the preoccupations, approaches, and working lives of sociologists.
Each contributor will be asked to discuss their article in relation to the other articles in their allotted session. This will be followed in each session by a moderated discussion of the common cross-article themes. We will limit the numbers at the event to 30-40 people and ensure time for Q&A to allow participants to join the discussion.

This event is likely to be very popular and spaces are limited so pre-booking is essential.

For more information please contact David Skinner.