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South West Regional Medical Sociology Conference

4 February 2022 (10:00-17:00)

Call for Papers

The focus of our next South West Regional Medical Sociology event will be 'Health and Illness Interactions'. Intentionally broad, we are seeking papers on all things 'exchange'. This might include:

  • interactions at the level of institutions (for example between patient and healthcare organisations, social scientists and policy makers or healthcare workers and politicians).
  • interactions with respect to patient or carer consultations, inter-professional working or interdisciplinary teaching.
  • interactions at the level of the individual (for example auto/biographical narratives related to health and illness).

Key sociological themes of the day may be related (but not exclusively) to power, culture, lived experience, inclusion/exclusion, the body, identity, emotion, risk.

As usual, we welcome all variety of presentations including theoretical, research-based, discussions and creative. This includes pieces based on research in progress/completed research and on discussion of impact within, beyond and besides the academy. We also welcome abstracts from colleagues within and outside of the academy at all career stages.

An exchange in itself, our objective is, in this event, to bring people together in a friendly supportive atmosphere to share ideas, offer feedback and develop understanding.

Conference Organisers: Dr Tracey Collett (Plymouth) and Prof Gayle Letherby (Plymouth and Greenwich)

If you are interested in presenting at this event please send a 250 word abstract and 100 word biography to Tracey Collett by 6 December 2021.

For more information and/or a chat about your potential contribution contact Tracey Collett AND/OR Gayle Letherby.


  • BSA member: £20
  • Non BSA member: £25
  • BSA member (unpaid/student): £10
  • Non BSA member (unpaid/student): £15