Transnational education at a juncture: Sociological futures post-Brexit

A BSA Early Career Forum Event

2 May 2017
Keele University, UK - Campus Map - PROGRAMME

  • To what extent can the symbolic capital of a British degree continue to travel across space, post-Brexit?
  • Within the complex modes of mobilities of transnational education (TNE), will Brexit trigger new or stifle current forms of mobilities? Should there be a theoretical re-definition of the mobilities within TNE? If yes, how?
  • What are the embodied experiences of TNE institutional agents and the students in situ?
  • In relation to Early Career Researchers who are engaged in TNE teaching and research, to what extent might their career / research trajectories be impacted by the uncertainties/opportunities brought about by Brexit?
  • To what extent are the TNE students’/academics’ interests represented?

Nearly one in every three students of UK’s universities is a TNE student, i.e. they earn their British degrees while they are partially or entirely based in a different country from the UK. In 2012, the UK’s TNE export amounted to £18 billion, with a projected increase to £30 billion by 2020 (HEGlobal, 2016). However, the recent events of Brexit seem to have brought this into question, raising practical, empirical and theoretical concerns.

This one-day seminar seeks to serve as a platform for these questions to be debated and to make important theoretical, empirical and methodological contributions to TNE as manifest in the cogent disciplines of sociology, anthropology, human geography, education, political science and others.

We are delighted to announce our keynote speakers:

  • Dr Johanna Waters, University of Oxford
  • Professor Catherine Montgomery, University of Bath