The study of cities and urban life is a thoroughly interdisciplinary field of study. As such, BSA CITIES aims to provide a forum for the development of a recognisably sociological approach to the themes introduced above, and more. Architecture and urban design, transport and planning, understanding and tackling crime and deviance, patterns of consumption and disposal, immigration and social mobility, sense of place and identity and urban citizenship all fall within the group’s research interests. BSA CITIES also reflects a broad range of methodological approaches to the urban, from innovative ethnographic fieldwork to larger scale survey and modeling techniques.

We welcome active participation from those working in any area of urban studies, theory or research and encourage the submission of abstracts to the 'Cities, Mobilities, Space and Place' stream at the BSA Annual Conference, where the themes indicated, and more besides, have been discussed and debated. We also offer support for events, seminars and workshops reflecting these interests to group members. If you are interested in organising such an event, please contact the Study Group convenor.