This study group aim to provide a forum in which the diverse range of academics working in the field of risk research might work together at mapping out the conceptual boundaries and empirical reality of our current 'risk society'. It is concerned with the development and promotion of a distinctively sociological perspective on risk. Its broad areas of interest include:

  • Social theories of 'risk society'
  • The politics of risk
  • Risk perception
  • Risk management
  • Risk behaviour and lifestyle
  • Risk in relation to social policy

This Study Group has, since it´s establishment in August 2001, grown its membership to more than 50.

Future Plans

1. A series of one-day seminars or workshops on various aspects of sociological risk research.

2. Publication of edited collections of research articles and papers in collaboration with journals working in the area of risk research.

Annual Report

The Risk & Society Study Group Annual Report is available.