Currently, sociological research on violence is dispersed among a range of specialisms, such as criminology, law, social policy, human rights and international relations.  The project here is to pull together the fragments of the sociological contributions to this field, so as to take forward a more joined up analysis.  A small group has been successfully running two or three panels on 'violence and society' at recent BSA conferences.  It is time for this group to be more firmly established, to better to coordinate sociological work in this field.  


  • To ensure a presence at BSA Conferences and events through establishing a Violence and Society stream;
  • To organise special events and colloquia on violence to bring together sociologists, activists and policy makers;
  • To create an online community that can share information on developments in the field, job opportunities and forthcoming conferences;
  • To open up opportunities to promote the sociological study of violence within universities and wider publics;
  • To create links with other disciplines working in the field of violence (for example criminology, psychology, law, politics and philosophy);
  • To communicate activities regularly to the BSA so that new people entering the field are aware of the group.to liase/network with other international sociological organisations/groups involved in the study of violence
  • to explore collaborative funding opportunities at national and international levels