REF2021 Consultation

Call for Response

Details on the proposed REF 2021 guidance and criteria are now available on the news page of HEFCE website here. The BSA is keen to co-ordinate a collective response to this process and we invite all those with interests in sociology to send comments on any aspect of the process to Judith Mudd, BSA Chief Executive by 8 October 2018. They will be reviewed by BSA trustees and the president and will inform our response which we will publish on our website. The more responses we get to our consultation, the more powerful our voice will be. Please make it clear in what capacity you are writing, and give your affiliation and whether you are a BSA member (but you don’t need to be a BSA member to respond).  Read more>

We've had an excellent response so far, follow the conversation and have your say!

Should you wish to submit your own individual response to the consultation, please submit via the REF2021 online survey by noon on 15 October 2018.

Documentation from the joint BSA/HaPS REF2021 Meeting (October 2018)

Following the joint BSA/HaPS meeting on 1 October, a consultation between the 2021 REF Panel Members and current Heads and Professors of Sociology Departments across the UK took place.  This productive meeting addressed various areas of the proposed REF criteria, below are a number of documents relating to sections that were discussed during the meeting.