Postgraduate Forum Regional Event Grant

Every year, the British Sociological Association requests expressions of interest from postgraduate students interested in organising a regional postgraduate day event.

Applications are OPEN.

We are looking for postgraduates willing to organise a day event. The BSA will provide a grant of £1,000 support for the event. Organisers are encouraged to seek a contribution from the host institution. 

Bids for the grant would need to provide a short justification and description of the proposed event, a budget, and an explanation as to how relevant the proposed event is for Postgraduate Forum members.

Please complete the Application Form.  All applicants must be a current BSA Member at the time of of application and the event. If you would like to become a BSA member visit our membership section for more information. The submission deadline for proposals is: Friday, 12 November 2021. Late applications will not be considered.


Please note the following criteria used to judge applications.

All applications will be considered by the membership services directors and a postgraduate convenor.  A final decision is then made by the Trustees taking into consideration the feedback from the postgraduate convenor and based on the following selection criteria:

  • Breadth of appeal beyond the organising group
  • Centrality to sociological concerns
  • Quality of information provided
  • Geographical spread
  • Distinctiveness from previous events and institutions

For further information, please email the BSA Events Team.