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Title BSA Annual Conference Final Programme 2011
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Description The BSA Annual Conference 2011 took place at the London School of Economics, and celebrated the BSA's anniversary with the theme ‘60 Years of Sociology’. Plenary sessions: Ulrich Beck (University of Munich) and Paul Gilroy (London School of Economics) spoke on “Redefining the Sociological Project: The Cosmopolitan Challenge”; George Steinmetz (University of Michigan) spoke on “The Imperial Entanglements of Sociology and the Question of Scientific Autonomy: Germany, France, Britain, and the United States (1910-2010)”; Christine Delphy (CNRS, France), Arlie Hochschild (University of California, Berkeley), and Sylvia Walby (Lancaster University) spoke on “The impact of feminism on 60 years of sociology: perspectives from France, USA and the UK” and Laurie Taylor (Thinking Allowed, BBC Radio 4, UK) delivered the after dinner speech at the conference dinner. Dinner
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Keywords annual conference, 2011, conference programme, 60 years of sociology, 60, anniversary, ulrich beck, paul gilroy, george steinmetz, christine delphy, sylvia walby, laurie taylor
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