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Title On the Run
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Description Transcript of plenary by Alice Goffman at the BSA Annual Conference 2015. On the Run describes young men growing up as suspects and fugitives in the segregated Black neighbourhoods torn apart by the war on crime and unprecedented levels of targeted imprisonment. Alongside young men dipping and dodging the authorities, we come to know girlfriends and mothers caught between the men they love and the police; the “clean” residents of the neighbourhood who struggle to go to school and work every day as the police chase their neighbours through the streets; and the young people eking out a living in the new fugitive economy: providing clean urine, fake documents, and off the books medical care to people living with warrants or under court supervision. This fugitive world is the hidden counterpoint to mass incarceration, the invisible cost of a massive and unprecedented social experiment on the residents of segregated Black neighbourhoods in US cities.
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Keywords alice goffman, plenary, 2015, black neighbourhoods, US, fugitive economy, mass incarceration, social experiment
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