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Title Researching Race In And Out Of The Academy
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Description Transcript of plenary by Claire Alexander and Anoop Nayak at the BSA Annual Conference 2016. In this panel, Claire Alexander and Anoop Nayak consider the challenges confronting research on race and racism in the contemporary academy. They explore the current ‘state ‘ of research on race, both in the academy itself and in the increasingly hostile climate around issues of race, religion and migration. Drawing on their extensive experience as urban ethnographers, and of researching racialized youth identities in Britain, the panellists will map continuities and change in the field. The aim of the panel is to facilitate a broader discussion around issues of institutionalised racism in the academy and our relationship as researchers to a broader social and political field.
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Keywords claire alexander, anoop nayak, plenary, transcript, 2016, race, the academy, institutionalised racism, racialized youth identities, racism, religion, migration
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