Established in 2004, the group encompasses the sociological study of mental health and distress, with a focus on studying experiences of mental distress and of using mental health services. Also included in its compass is sociological work relating to learning disability. 

The group's aims are to:

  • Heighten the profile of study in the area of sociology of mental health,
  • Provide a forum for the communication and discussion of work being carried out in the area,
  • Facilitate networking and information-sharing between those working within or having an interest in the sociology of mental health,
  • Provide a forum of support for those interested in studying mental health and distress from a sociological perspective,
  • Provide a core of expertise in the area of sociology of mental health that may be drawn upon for comment on relevant proposals or policies.

Annual Report

The current Sociology of Mental Health Study Group's Annual Report is now available.  You may also be interested in reviewing the Group's Annual Report 2013Annual Report 2011Annual Report 2010Annual Report 2009Annual Report 2008 or Annual Report 2007.