Sociology of Media Studies Study Group Archive

Birmingham City University, UK

17 September 2014
Widening the Lens: Developments in Research on Journalism and Environmental Issues (organised by the BSA Media Study Group and the News and Journalism Group, University of Leicester)
University of Leicester, UK

19 September 2012
Caught in the Frame: Frame Analysis as Contemporary Media Scholarship - Programme
University of Leicester, UK
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13 July 2011
Joint BSA Media Study Group and University of Leicester Event: New Communications and Demonstrations
University of Leicester, UK

15 November 2010
Joint BSA Death, Dying and Bereavement Study Group and BSA Media Study Group Event: Death and the Media - Programme now available
BSA Meeting Room, London, UK

3 September 2009
Youth, Media and Communication: A Joint BSA Youth Study Group and Media Study Group Seminar
Liverpool John Moores University, UK

BSA Annual Conference 2007:  Social Connections:  Identities, Technologies, Relationships - Study Group Session, 12-14 April 2007, University of East London

Criminal Intent:  Performance, Agency, Gender and the Drama of Mediated Crime, 23 May 2007, De Montfort University, Leicester

This was a joint event between the BSA Sociology of Media Study Group and the School of Media and Cultural Production, De Montfort University.

BSA Sociology of Media Study Group and Centre for the Study of Women and Gender joint ‘Gender and Media Workshop’, Tuesday 5 September 2006 , University of Warwick  

Papers included:

  • Dr Anne-Marie Kramer (University of Warwick) - ‘Women’s Rights, Medical Responsibility and the Assessment of Risk: Pre-natal Testing in the Polish Press’
  • Dr Rosalind Gill (Gender Institute, LSE) - ‘Rewriting the Romance? Chick Lit and Postfeminism’
  • Dr Stuart Price (De Montfort University) - ‘Action, Utterance and Agency: Representations of Gendered Behaviour in Contemporary Film and Television’

BSA Annual Conference 2006: Sociology, Social Order(s) and Disorder(s), 21-23 April, Harrogate International Centre
Informal planning/discussion session.

BSA Annual Conference 2005: Lifecourse: Fragmentation, Diversity and Risk, 21-23 March, 2005, University of York
Study Group Paper Session:

  • Dr Stuart Price (De Montfort University) - ‘Satan in Fallujah: Categories, Themes, and the Iraq “Insurgency”’
  • David Beer (University of York and York St John College) - ‘Reflecting on the Digit(al)isation of Music’
  • Dr Nic Groombridge (St Mary’s College, a College of the University of Surrey) - ‘Criminology’s Case Against the Media Reconsidered with Special Reference to Radio’
  • Professor Ivor Gaber (Goldsmiths College University of London) - ‘The Looney Left Rides Again: The Media and the Introduction of the London Congestion Charge’ Annaliza Gaber (Brunel University) - ‘Coverage of Sociology in the National Press’

BSA Sociology of Media Workshop, 1 December 2004, De Montfort University, Leicester.
Sessions included:

  • Dr Vincent Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies (De Montfort University) - Election? What Election? The 2004 Euro-election and British Television News´.
  • Dr Stuart Price, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Production (De Montfort University) - ´Broad Smiles and Bin-Bags: Representational Strategy in the Leicester South By-Election, 2004´.
  • Dr Meryl Aldridge, Reader in the Sociology of News Media (University of Nottingham) - ´Professional Regulation and being a ´Professional´ in Press Journalism´.
  • Dr Sharon Lockyer, Lecturer in Media Studies (De Montfort University) - ´The Sickest TV Show Ever: Controversial Television and Moral Regulation´.
  • Professor Chas Critcher, Professor of Communications (Sheffield Hallam University) - 'MMR, the Media and the Politics of Suspicion'.

BSA Annual Conference: Sociological Challenges: Conflict, Anxiety and Discontent, April 2004, University of York
Study group session took the form of two paper presentations:

  • Julie Firmstone (Centre for European Political Communications, University of Leeds) - "Britain in Europe": A Comparative Analysis of the British Media Agenda on Europe'.
  • Stuart Price (De Montfort University) - Modelling Social Relations'

BSA Annual Conference: Social Futures: Desire, Excess and Waste, 11-13 April 2003, University of York
Informal social session.

BSA Sociology of Media Study Group/Political Studies Association Media Group Joint Conference, 17 September 2002, Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University
Papers included:

  • Chas Critcher (Sheffield Hallam University) - ‘The Politics of Paedophilia’.
  • Paul Manning (De Montfort University) - ‘Comparing News Discourse in the Representation of Ecstasy, Class A Drugs and Solvent Abuse Death’.

BSA Annual Conference: Reshaping the Social, 25-27 March 2002, University of Leicester
Study Group session:

  • Simon Cross (University of Leicester) and Sharon Lockyer (Loughborough University) - ‘Paedophiles, Professionals and Protestors: A Case Study of News Management in the Local Press’.

BSA Sociology of Media Study Group/Political Studies Association Media Group Joint Conference, 10-11 September 2001, Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University
Papers included:

  • Don Hale (editor of the Matlock Mercury) Keynote speech.
  • Jerry Palmer (London Guildhall) - ‘NGOs and News Values: A Case Study of Greenpeace’.
  • David Deacon (Loughborough University) - ‘Quangos and Resource Poor Groups and their Media Strategies’.
  • David Miller (University of Stirling) - ‘Theorising Promotion and Democracy: A Critique of the Use of the Concept of Ideology in Media Studies’.
  • Sylvia Harvey (Sheffield Hallam University) - ‘The Prospects of Broadcasting Regulation in the UK: Box Ticking, Baddies and the BBC’.

BSA Jubilee Conference: A Sociological Odyssey, 9-12 April 2001, Manchester Metropolitan University
Study Group session:

  • Don Hale (editor of the Matlock Mercury) ‘Investigative Journalism: Myth and Reality’.

BSA Sociology of Media Workshop, 6 October 2000, University of Nottingham
Sessions included:

  • Zoe Harris (University of Nottingham) on using vignettes when interviewing journalists on their coverage of food scares.
  • John Hitchens (College of St Mark & St John) on how the public relations industry gains access to the editorial pages of the national press.
  • Bob Franklin (University of Sheffield) on his role as editor of ‘Journalism Studies’ (Taylor and Francis).

BSA Annual Conference: Making Time/Marking Time, April 2000, University of York
A lively and interesting discussion based on a colleague who was wondering if his PhD topic had already been ‘done’.

BSA Sociology of Media Workshop, 23 September 1999, University of Nottingham
Sessions included:

  • Sharon Lockyer (Loughborough University) - ‘Cheap, Distasteful and Sickening: Analysing the Limits to Humour Appreciation’.
  • Chas Critcher (Sheffield Hallam University) - 'Surely there must be some Mythtake?: Moral Panics and the Media'.
  • Maggie Wykes (Sheffield University) on her book on news, crime and culture.

BSA Sociology of Media Workshop, 16 January 1999, University of Nottingham
Sessions included:

  • Susan Baines (University of Newcastle) on freelance working in the media.
    Sameera Mian (University of Leicester CMCR) on media representations of Muslims and Islam.
  • Julian Matthews (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College) on an ethnography of children’s news on BBC.
  • Merly Aldridge (University of Nottingham) on women journalists in the regional press.