Forthcoming Events

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Past Events

28 March 2018 (6-7pm)
London Medical Sociology Group Seminar
Jenny Roberts Room, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 15-17 Tavistock Place, WC1H 9SH

Speaker: Professor Graham Scambler (UCL, University of Surrey)

Title: Metareflection, middle-range theory and pausing to think.

My focus in this contribution is on links between sociology’s macro-, meso- and micro-foci. I advocate making more constructive use of already available theoretical and substantive resources than we currently deploy. This necessarily involves a willingness to counter the present tendency to compress the past in the interests of institutional and personal advantage. I argue that we seriously underestimate the utility of extant literatures, theoretical and empirical, and illustrate this with reference to publications on health inequalities. Via a playful use of the Rubik Cube, I argue for: (a) the unrealized and ‘explosive’ explanatory potential of the sociology of health, illness and health care; (b) an acknowledgement of the limitations as well as the reach of the sociological project; and (c) outline a future research programme for (my) ‘six sociologies’ (professional, policy, critical, public, foresight and action). I shall be willing to expand on this in a nearby bar afterwards.

29 June 2016 (6-7pm)
Re-describing measurement: understanding the evolving diversity of self-rated health 
Speaker: Dr Tiago Moreira, Durham University

27 April 2016 (6-7pm)
Broken Narratives: Listening with and through another’s voice, another’s voices    
Speaker: Professor Lisa Blackman, Goldsmiths

9 March 2016 (6-7pm)
Unsettling technoscience: The biopolitics of ageing and (trans)human imperatives
Speaker: Joanna Latimer, Cardiff University School of Social Sciences 

19 February 2016
Environment and Human Health – Social Perspectives: One-Day Workshop (BSA Climate Change, Environment & Health and London Medical Sociology Study Groups)
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK

25 January 2016
Shifting Configurations of Science, Practice and Selfhood in US Psychiatry
Speaker:  Dr Martyn Pickersgill, Edinburgh Medical School
Discussant: Dr Simon Cohn, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 

24 June 2015
Title: Failures, futures and the queerness of fat sex
Speaker: Dr Francis Ray White, Westminster
Discussant: Caroline Walters, Middlesex

27 May 2015
Title: What can neuroscience contribute to the future for mental health?’ The triple crisis of neuropsychiatry
Speaker: Professor Nikolas Rose, KCL
Discussant: Professor Paul Martin, Sheffield

29 April 2015
Title: Some of us are looking at the stars: Constellations of institutional logics and actor autonomy in sustaining healthcare innovations
Speaker: Professor Graham Martin, Leicester
Discussant: Dr Dimitrios Spyridonidis, Imperial College

25 February 2015
Title: Does IVF exacerbate infertility?
Speaker: Professor Sarah Franklin, Cambridge
Discussant: Dr Carrie Friese, LSE 

28 January 2015
Debating a revisionist account of chronic illness 
Speakers: Professor David Armstrong (KCL), Professor Paul Higgs and Dr Chris Gilleard (UCL)