BSA Staff

The day-to-day affairs of the BSA are managed by a dedicated team of staff members.  They proactively manage, co-ordinate and administer a variety of activities in support of the BSA's mission. The staff aim to be in touch with developments and activities in British sociology, and have contacts both locally and internationally. In addition, they are the main point of contact where it concerns professional or related queries.

Staff handle a high volume of emails per week, and are therefore unable to respond immediately to enquiries. During the working week (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), please allow a minimum of 48 hours response rate to emails. Should your enquiry be of an urgent nature, please don't hesitate to contact the BSA by telephone on 0191 383 0839. 

Meet the BSA Staff

Photo of Judith Mudd.
Judith Mudd
Chief Executive
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Photo of Kerry Collins.
Kerry Collins
Company Secretary
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Photo of Alison Danforth.
Alison Danforth
Publications Manager
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Heather Bowden
Membership & Facilities Assistant
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Photo of Elaine Forester.
Elaine Forester
Events Officer
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Photo of Gillian Mason.
Gillian Mason
Finance Officer
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Jackie Murphy
Membership Development Officer
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Tallulah Paddick
Events Co-ordinator
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Photo of Tony Trueman.Tony Trueman
Media Consultant
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Photo of Donna Willis.Donna Willis
Digital Content Officer
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Tel: +44 (0)191 383 0839