"I already think that the BSA membership is a must-have. I really like the e-mails I get, especially the postgraduate forum. I find information on conferences extremely useful and the resources available essential for my training as a sociologist."
Dana Abi-Ghanem, PhD Research Student
Dept of School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

"I think (membership) is already a must have for me. I've found the staff to be very friendly and reliable. The listings of up and coming conferences too is a big bonus for me as a post-grad student whose supervisor is not in the sociology field."
Fiona Edgar,PhD Research Student
Institute for Applied Social & Health Research, University of Paisley

"I think that the BSA is certainly a must have. Employees are very helpful, journals etc arrive quickly and newsletter is always an interesting read with appropriate information within it. Keep up the good work."
Andrea Scott,PhD Research Student
Sport and Exercise Sciences,Loughborough University

"It is a must have communication platform for sociologists and postgraduates."
Fa-Hsien Lee,PhD Research Student
Cardiff School of Social Sciences,Cardiff University

"I am very satisfied with my BSA membership and the access it provides to the current debates in the area of sociology which are of particular interest to me, for this reason I do think of it as a must have."
David Helm,Undergraduate Student
Department of Sociology & History,Worcester University

"It already is a 'must have' for me - the journals have kept me up to date with the goings on in sociology while I took a year out to raise funds for my Masters!"
Derek Paterson,Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Sociology,University of Aberdeen

"As someone who teaches in the area of Social Research methods, I think it is a must have for me terms of keeping up with current debates."
Carole Murphy,Lecturer
Dept of Sociology ,St Mary's University College