Annual Conference Support Funded Places

For 2022 we are making available 70 free places to help members (35 of these places are kindly supported by the main conference sponsor SAGE).  These places will be for postgraduate members, early career research members and members facing severe financial hardship including but not only unwaged members and those in the Category B country membership band. Applicants must be a current paid up member.

Hardship Category

To apply for a hardship category please read the guidelines below.

We are delighted to confirm that we are continuing offering free places in the category of financial hardship. This is to reflect that there are colleagues who sit outside the existing concessionary categories, but for whom financial difficulties may be a barrier to participating in the conference. Where we can we would like to reduce those barriers. By this we mean the following kinds of situation:

  • Being in a fixed-term contract.
  • Experiencing a pay cut or other financial restrictions created by university management.
  • Working part time at a low pay grade with no other source of income.

We have allocated 30 free places to this category.

If you are in this kind of situation then simply indicate this is the case on the Application Form and you will be included in a process of random allocation of the 30 places. To ensure that this is available to those who are in most need we do ask people to only put themselves forward if they are in financial hardship. We are doing this on a trust basis, we are not asking for statements or proof of people’s situation and we believe people will approach it appropriately. So please do take this option if your financial situation is difficult and you will be considered for the free place.

Applications close on Friday, 11 February 2022 and will be allocated by random selection and you will receive notification in this week.