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Better methods, better research

Medical Research Council (MRC) Closing Date:
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Apply for funding to improve the methods used by others in biomedical and health research. Your project must focus on an area within MRC or NIHR’s remit. You must be a researcher based at an organisation eligible for UKRI funding. You must have a ...

Global Convening Programmes

The British Academy Closing Date:
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The programme aims to provide significant opportunities for researchers in the UK and internationally across the humanities and social sciences globally to network, open new fields of inquiry, harness research to address these challenges aiming to ca...

Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research 2023 ‘Global (Dis)Order’

The British Academy Closing Date:
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The British Academy is inviting proposals for projects which focus on the theme of ‘Global (Dis)Order’. The purpose of each project will be to develop new international research in the humanities and social sciences, to further our understanding o...