BSA Youth Study Group - Call for Postgraduate Convenor

The BSA Youth study sroup would like to recruit a postgraduate convenor. The new convenor would join the three existing convenors to help us to enhance the study group’s engagement with, and support for, postgraduate researchers situated within the sociology of youth and wider youth studies community. We are keen to stress that the role is not onerous, but one designed to provide an opportunity to get more involved with the study group so that it represents the needs of postgraduate research students in youth sociology. Typical activities would be working with the convenors to organise, publicise and run study group events (ideas for future events are welcome) as well as contributing to the study group’s mailing list and social media communications. The PG convenor would not be expected to take on a primary role for any of these tasks but instead share responsibility with their colleagues.

To apply you need to be registered for a PG research degree in a UK institution in a relevant subject (broadly defined as ‘the sociology of youth’ but would also include allied subjects in social sciences/humanities) and you need to be a current member of the British Sociological Association.

Please send a short statement of around 250 words on why you would like to be a study group convenor:

  • Your year of study and whether you are full/part-time;
  • 1-2 sentences about your research;
  • What would you like to do as a study group convenor?
  • What would you like to see the study group doing to meet the needs of the postgraduate community?

Email your statement along with your name, institution, contact details and BSA membership number to Kim Allen by Friday 14 October 2016.