Sign Up Your Students

You may be interested to know that we have established a special rate for a Concessionary Member Group which may be of interest to you and your university.  This rate is given to undergraduates signing up en masse from their university, with the university covering the membership fees.  Coventry and Nottingham Trent have piloted this scheme and it has proven very popular with their students.  The rate is £47/student with all the full membership benefits attendant. 

BSA membership period runs from January to December each year however; we are opening 2017 membership early so anyone joining after 1 October will receive the rest of 2016 free, therefore receiving 15 months membership instead of the usual 12. This will enable the students to take full advantage of the membership benefits for the full academic year and more.

Get your students involved in the BSA now and they will be eligable for prizes, awards and funding!

To sign up, contact Claire Simmons.