Study Groups Update

It has long been said that volunteers are the heart of a community, and that is no different for the sociological one.  We would like to thank all of our study group convenors, past and present, for their time and dedication to their various groups.

Our study groups have an important voice at the Advisory Forum meetings, which is why we have appointed a second Study Group Representative. Nicola Ingram of Lancaster University (co-convenor of the Education and Bourdieu Study Groups) has held this position for three years.  In April we welcomed Mark Doidge, of the University of Brighton (convenor of the Sport Study Group), to work closely with Nicola and to help forge future links with the Trustees.

With 48 study groups and five special interest groups, the BSA has a great network of volunteers who continue to grow and develop these groups and we hope that this will long continue.  At present we have several study groups who are in need of new convenors either to join current convenors or to revitalise the activities of the groups. These vacancies can be viewed in the Latest News. To get involved with any of our study groups, as a convenor or a participant, please visit the Groups section.