Announcing Work, Employment and Society’s new Editorial Team for 2018-2020

Work, Employment and Society will be welcoming a new Editorial Team in January 2018. The journal is pleased to announce that the following team will be taking up the editorship in the new year: Dr Maria Adamson, Dr Alexandra Beauregard, Dr Uracha Chatrakul, Mr Nick Clark, Dr Elizabeth Cotton, Dr Anne Daguerre, Dr Alessio D’Angelo, Dr Janroj Keles, Professor Eleonore Kofman, Professor Suzan Lewis, Dr Daniela Lup and Dr Ian Roper, all based at Middlesex University. We look forward to sharing news of their plans with you as they settle into the role. 

We would also like to offer thanks to the current Editorial Team who have expanded the now free-to-view On the Front Line series during their term as well as much more – why not take a look at the latest articles on the WES website? If you’d like to learn more about the journal, access author guidelines, or submit your work, please visit the WES page.