British Sociological Association - a statement on US travel and refugee bans

The British Sociological Association (BSA) has today, 2/2/17, released a statement in the light of the recent Executive Order by the US President imposing a 90-day ban on visits from people from seven Muslim-majority countries and a 120-day ban on all refugee admissions (with an indefinite end to taking refugees from Syria):

The British Sociological Association has expressed deep concern over the Executive Order by the US President suspending entry from seven Muslim nations and putting on hold its refugee admissions generally. 

The BSA believes the US has a moral and a legal duty (under the Geneva Convention) to accept war refugees. We are opposed to a ban on visitors brought in seemingly only because the countries affected are predominantly Muslim.

The BSA, which has members based in the United States, is also concerned that the Executive Order has disrupted the ability of some academics and students to travel to and from the US. This action goes against the spirit of academic collaboration.

Our External Affairs Director, Professor Linda McKie, said: “This suspension of refugee admissions and travel rights flies in the face of the United States’ long tradition of accepting refugees and promoting scientific enquiry.

“We hope these bans will be rescinded shortly and we stand in solidarity with the American Sociological Association in its firm stance against them.”