Call for Papers: Solidarities in and through Work in an Age of Extremes

Work, Employment and Society invites colleagues to submit to the 2019 special issue, on the theme of solidarity. The issue will be guest edited by Vanessa Beck and Paul Brook, both at the University of Leicester, UK.   

This special issue of Work, Employment and Society aims to explore the past and future of solidarity as well as its present manifestations. Contributors are invited to consider submissions that address issues of solidarity in and through work, employment and society in relation to any of the following, though the list is not exhaustive:

  • Exploring, explaining and theorising solidarity
  • Moral economy and solidarity
  • Workplace cultures and solidarity
  • Contemporary forms of class solidarity
  • Solidarities against oppression and discrimination
  • Solidarity against xenophobia and racism
  • Union organising and solidarity
  • Caring work, compassion and solidarity
  • Solidarity, resistance and misbehaviour
  • Dismantling and decaying solidarity
  • Social movements at work
  • Institutional 'social solidarity' and state regulation
  • Solidarity in global value chains
  • Consumer and worker solidarity
  • Emotion, 'emotionologies' and solidarities
  • Inter-generational solidarity
  • Working against austerity, poverty and precarity
  • Solidarity, social enterprise and the 'sharing economy'
  • Online and social media solidarities
  • Charities, work and solidarity
  • The future of co-operation and co-operatives
  • Emerging and alternative solidarities
  • Public sociology, committed scholars and solidarity

To read the full call for papers, please visit the Publications Opportunities page. The deadline for submissions to the special issue is 1 December 2017.  

If you'd like to find out more about the BSA's journals and how to submit, please visit the Publications area of the website. More information on how to get involved with the journals, including all call for papers, can be found in the Publications Opportunities area.