Vacancies: Members of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology

The Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology (CST) is the government's top-level advisory body on science, technology, engineering, social sciences and disruptive innovation. It reports directly to the Prime Minister and is co-chaired by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser and an independent appointee. CST has recently provided advice to government on opportunities for the UK around connected and autonomous vehicles, algorithms and genomics. Further background on the Council and its recent projects can be found at

The Council is looking to renew its membership from April 2017. We are looking for 5 new members from:

  • business – large and small; industry, manufacturing, services, and the financial sector
  • not-for-profit organisations with a research or 'science and society' focus
  • academia.

The Council holds quarterly meetings, with additional work outside these meetings conducted through subgroups and contributions to CST letters or seminars.

The role of CST members is to provide a variety of perspectives from within academia, business and the third sector to help the PM and the government to deliver their economic and social priorities.

During their time on the Council, each member will be expected to actively lead work that provides useful advice to the PM. This may involve project scoping, stakeholder engagement, and producing a final output to the Prime Minister and other senior figures in government.

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