Call for nominations for BSA President 2018-2020

Current BSA President Lynn Jamieson completes her term of office in December 2017. Nominations are therefore sought for the next President of the British Sociological Association. The Presidency will run from January 2018 to December 2020. Nominees must be members of the BSA. Nominations will be accepted from any member of the Association and must be accompanied by a short statement of up to 250 words describing why the nominee would be particularly suitable for the role (please seek their prior agreement to be nominated).  As there are obvious sensitivities about a public competition for such a role, where there is more than one nomination, the President is chosen by secret ballot of the BSA trustees.

The trustees seek to achieve a good balance of people in key positions with respect to equality and diversity and request that members are mindful of this when nominating. 

BSA President: Description of Duties

The Presidency of the BSA is an honorary position, which runs for 3 years and is held by an eminent and senior member of the Association. The President sits on the BSA’s Advisory Forum, fulfilling a vital, independent overseer function. Since the Chair has the leadership role in ensuring that the trustees collectively fulfil their duties and responsibilities, the President, freed from this legal role, can:

  • Take account of the views of external stakeholders - using their independent status to focus on external perception and reputation in the interests of the greater good;
  • Ensure long-term impact - using their independent status to help the trustees focus on the impact of the charity’s work to beneficiaries and to the outside world in the longer term;
  • Act as a respected mediator - there is value in someone not accountable for governance becoming involved as an impartial go-between, for example on the rare occasions when members of the charity are at loggerheads;
  • Act as statesperson – using their links with external stakeholders and their ability to stand aside from day-to-day issues to bring independent oversight to activities that may impinge on organisational reputation; and
  • Undertake facilitated activities to suit their interests and which address their remit as a public figurehead who promotes sociology on behalf of the Association.

Specific duties

  • Attend meetings of the BSA Advisory Forum (twice a year)
  • Participate in the judging each year of the entries submitted for the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize (business conducted by telephone and email from December to February)
  • Present the award of the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize and the BSA Distinguished Service to British Sociology Award at each BSA Annual Conference (March or April)
  • Deliver a brief welcome at the start of the BSA Annual Conference dinner
  • Deliver a Presidential Address to the BSA Annual Conference once during term of office
  • Take an active role in the work of the Public Engagement Sub-Committee
  • Represent the Association at external meetings, e.g. meetings of the International Sociological Association
  • Act as a media spokesperson for the Association as required
  • Provide advice and support to the Chair and other trustees and staff of the Association

NB A small sum is provided in the Association’s annual budget to enable and ensure attendance at key events during the year.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Presidency, please email their name, confirmation that they are willing to be nominated and your reasons for nominating them to: Kerry Collins by no later than 31 August 2017.