Commentary on Contemporary Counter-Movements in the Age of Populism

BSA-affiliated journal is looking for rapid responses/think pieces on Contemporary Counter-Movements in the Age of Populism. Brexit and the election of President Trump have been seen as expressions of the rise of populist movements, which have been observed not only in the UK and the USA, but also in a number of other European countries (including France and the Netherlands) and further afield (in Australia, for example). Whereas populism itself is one response to neo-liberal capitalism and, in particular, the migration processes it has involved, in turn it has caused a new wave of protest activities, most visibly in the March of Women, in which millions of men and women participated in the United States and around the World, and the March for Europe to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the European Union. 

This rapid response call invites papers addressing a broad range of counter-movements taking place across the world in recent years, including populist, left-liberal, anti-corruption, Islamist and terrorist movements, which represent different responses to neo-liberalism, globalisation and to each other.

Rapid Response articles should be up to 3000 words in length. Please indicate that the article is in response to this call on your submission.

Articles should be submitted here. Authors are encouraged to submit articles as soon as possible after the call and papers are reviewed and published (if accepted) as they come in. The final deadline is Friday, 8 September 2017.

Charlie Walker and Steve Roberts (Editors) and Silke Roth (Guest Editor), Sociological Research Online.