Provocative and accessible new book series

What are the 21st century challenges shaping our lives today and in the future?  

The BSA and Policy Press are very pleased to announce our collaboration on a new book series, 21st Century Standpoints.  This stimulating series will bring pressing public issues to the general reader, scholars and students.  It offers sociological provocations on pressing questions in the 21st century and sets out why sociology matters, how it can transform social life and why it must continue to contribute to public debate.  Our vision is to establish the series as a rich and accessible collection that appeals as much to the general reader as to those within the academy. 

Beautifully produced in print and digitally, these books will offer standpoints to shape public conversations at this time of social, political, economic and cultural disruption. They will move beyond simple critique to propose better ways of understanding, and living in, our world.

This series makes a very welcome addition to our publishing portfolio including academic journals and our book series Sociological Futures.  Through this series we are able to support sociologists who wish to reach a new public in a lively and dynamic way.  This additional publishing outlet provides supported access to this type of publishing and marks an important collaboration between the Association and Policy Press, who is well placed to bring together academic integrity and accessibility for the non-specialist audience.

The Association has long been focussed on reaching out to a wide public audience to bring sociological thinking to issues that affect us all.  Our strategic priorities include a focus on public engagement because of the importance we place on ensuring that sociological messages are part of the public conversation.  This book series, written in an accessible style, makes a significant contribution to our aims and to pursuing a public sociology agenda.

The Editorial Team, Les Back, Pamela Cox and Nasar Meer bring significant passion and expertise for connecting with the public and making sociology accessible to a general audience.  The BSA and Policy Press are delighted to be working with this expert team and to announce the first volumes in our new series:

  • Miseducation: Inequality, education and the working classes by Diane Reay (Oct 2017)
  • Snobbery by David Morgan (Jul 2018)
  • What's wrong with work? by Lynne Pettinger (Jan 2019)

We welcome more books in the series and proposals from anyone inspired to write for and reach out to the public on a key issue for the 21st Century.  To learn more about the series and contacting us about proposals, please visit 21st Century Standpoints for more information.