REF 2021 sub-panel chairs and members

Recruitment of panel chairs

HEFCE has issued their call for applications for REF 2021 sub-panel chairs.

The recruitment process is by direct application to HEFCE i.e. BSA cannot submit nominations for sub-panel chairs. However, we encourage colleagues with appropriate skills to apply for appropriate sub-panel chair positions i.e. not just for the sociology panel but for other sub-panels where appropriate. Details of the application process can be found here.

The application process for sub-panel chairs closes at 12 noon on 11 October 2017.

Recruitment of panel members

Membership of the panels is widely seen as a mark of esteem. Members will be appointed through a nominations process. REF 2021 will include a specific element to assess the wider impact of research, following the introduction of this element in REF 2014. HEFCE state that they wish to appoint a range of research users, from the private, public and third sectors to the expert panels, noting that these members will play a crucial role in assessing the impact of research, alongside academics on the expert panels.

HEFCE specify that any association or organisation with a clear interest in the conduct, quality, funding or wider benefits of publicly-funded research can nominate individuals for panel membership. Mission groups, individual UK HEIs and groups within or subsidiaries of individual UK HEIs may not make nominations. Nominating bodies will be required to submit information about how equality and diversity were taken into account in nominating candidates for panel assessment.

The BSA will be acting as a nominating body for panel membership and will issue a formal invitation notice to members when the full details on the roles of the panel members and the process for making nominations are known. HEFCE say that they will release the details of the process ‘in the autumn’.

We encourage members wishing to be considered for sub-panel membership to begin preparing a draft submission to the BSA now. For REF 2014 a four-page submission was requested to include a one-page statement on suitability and a summary CV of up to three pages from prospective sub-panel members.

If you would like to see who served on the expert panels in the REF 2014, a list is available here. The Sociology sub-panel can be found under Main Panel C, sub-panel 23. The sub-panel numbering may change for REF 2021.

Further information about the REF can be found here.