Frequently Asked Questions

The acKnowledge repository aims to respond to the recommendations of the BSA Race & Ethnicity in British Sociology Report 2020. You can read the full report here.

Q1 Can non-academic staff (professional services, librarians, HR, etc.) submit to this repository?
A1 Absolutely. The repository is not solely limited to showcasing the work of Sociology academics. Many great initiatives (particularly in terms of recruitment) occur due to the hard work of other staff members at universities. Their work will also be included here.

Q2 What do you mean by “departments of Sociology and beyond”? What if I don’t work in a Sociology department but feel my work relates?
A2 We are not being prescriptive, as Sociology is sometimes taught as part of other social sciences or even in other disciplines. We are interested in all innovative initiatives that seek to enhance the place of race in teaching and research that have a sociological angle.

Q3 If I recommend an initiative belonging to another colleague, will they be contacted directly to complete the survey?
A3 Yes, the project team will contact individuals you have put forward to ask if they would like their initiative to be considered for inclusion in acKnowledge.

Q4 How recent is recent work in race and equality? Is there a historical time scale?
A4 The work can be ongoing, or relatively recent (if an event/workshop). We will not be including initiatives that have not been active for more than 5 years in order to ensure to repository is current and up to date.

Q5 Who has been given authority to set the benchmark for best practice for this project?
A5 The BSA selected the present research team to be the authority in terms of best practice in relation to Sociology and race. The academic team have had extensive experience working in Sociology and the research and teaching of race, and pedagogical EDI interventions. The intention of acKnowledge is to share the sorts of work that might help others develop best practice in their own institution or through their own work.

Q6 My example of good practice was not the result of any EDI initiative, but I think it is impactful. Can it still be included?
A6 Yes, we recognise that not all examples of ‘good practice’ were necessarily designed as such. A lot of it is what we do as part of our normal work, yet it may inspire and encourage others to do something similar in their own environment.

Q7 How will you be able to guarantee the protection of my intellectual property in relation to my learning materials?
A7 You will be fully accredited for any materials published on the site. The project team is asking for sample materials that will encourage and support others in their own initiatives.

Q8 Can my feedback include quotes, links, awards, blogs?
A8 Yes, the project team is open to receiving feedback submissions in a variety of formats.

Q9 My initiative is very new with no current feedback, can I still submit my initiative?
A9 Yes, the project team is interested in innovative practices and appreciate that feedback may be a longer-term goal of some initiatives.

Q10 Will non-BSA members have free access to the acKnowledge website?
A10 Yes, the repository will be hosted on the BSA website. You will not need to be a member of the BSA to access the content.