Key BSA Events

BSA Sport Study Group - Teaching Workshop

23/02/2018 Read More

Sex in Society: Bringing Together Sociological Research on Sexual Culture, Sexual Practice and Sexual Consumption

02/03/2018 Read More

South West Regional Medical Sociology Event

22/03/2018 Read More

Practice Theory: Connections and Methodologies

26/03/2018 Read More

Merit or Meritocracy? 60 years and counting…

09/04/2018 Read More

BSA Postgraduate Forum Pre-Conference Day - Personal and Practical Challenges: Becoming a Member of the Academic Community

09/04/2018 Read More

BSA Annual Conference 2018

10/04/2018 Read More

BSA Socrel Chair’s Response Day

02/05/2018 Read More

Between the discourse of ‘resilience’ and death by committee – Reclaiming collective spaces for academic resistance

04/05/2018 Read More

Empirical Research on Drug Use and Recovery: methodological concerns, ethical practices and the question of impact

11/05/2018 Read More

Critical realism in practice: Applications in management and organisation studies

11/05/2018 Read More

Intimate lives? Autism, Gender, Sex/uality, and Identity

18/05/2018 Read More

Reproduction and the law: transformations, responsibilities and uncertainties in 21st Century

24/05/2018 Read More

Adaptive Ethnographies for a 21st Century Sociology

01/06/2018 Read More

Bioscientific innovation, medical imaginaries and experiences of contemporary healthcare

01/06/2018 Read More

‘Imposter Syndrome’ as a Public Feeling in Higher Education

04/06/2018 Read More

Bourdieu Study Group 2nd Biennial International Conference 2018: Reproduction and Resistance

10/07/2018 Read More

SocRel Annual Conference

10/07/2018 Read More

Sporting Identities, Careers and Opportunities

07/09/2018 Read More

BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference

12/09/2018 Read More

Work, Employment & Society Conference 2018

12/09/2018 Read More

Generations, socialisation, and adult identity

13/09/2018 Read More