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Drinking spaces: Past, Present and Future

A BSA Alcohol Studies Group and Drinking Studies Network Event

10 July 2024 (10-4pm)
Nottingham Trent University 

About the Event

Drinking places in their various forms – pubs, bars, taverns, night clubs, etc – have been important institutions in many societies throughout history and across the world. Often, however, they have been relatively neglected by scholarly research – seen as sites of frivolity or debauchery that require little analysis. Yet recent scholarship has demonstrated that drinking places have actually fulfilled a wide range of functions in their host societies: yes, they serve as facilitators of intoxication, but also as key sites of sociability and the formation of identities and communities; as important centres of political discussion and public opinion; as providers of work and income; as nodal points in communication networks; as sites where gender norms are both reinforced and challenged. In short, they are institutions of fundamental social, cultural, economic and political importance.

In line with this, we have decided to hold a workshop bringing together scholars, researchers, the voluntary sector and campaigners to discuss the roles and relationships drinking spaces has and will play in society.

Join us for stimulating presentations and in-depth discussions which allow for reflection on where next for drinking spaces and places related research.

This workshop will appeal to anyone who has an interest in drinking spaces and places.

Call for Papers

This one-day event seeks to draw together those interested in topics related to drinking places and spaces. Proposals for 20-minute papers are invited on any aspect of the theme. The following is a list of indicative topics, but is by no means prescriptive or exhaustive:

  • Drinking spaces and communities
  • Pub churches
  • The impact of the internet/social media on drinking places
  • Gender and drinking spaces
  • Race and drinking spaces
  • Lived experiences of working in drinking places
  • Intersections with age, race, disability, social class, or faith

Submissions should include a 200-word outline of the paper and a brief biography of the presenter. We also invite submissions of posters featuring relevant research to be displayed at the symposium.  We would particularly like to encourage submissions from postgraduates and early career researchers.  Please email submissions and enquires to Claire Markham.  The submission deadline is 30 May 2024


  • BSA Member: £25
  • BSA Concessionary Member: £20
  • Non-member: £30

Contact the Organiser

To express your interest or to find out more please email Claire Markham.