The BSA PG Forum welcomes two new convenors

The Postgraduate (PG) Forum supports and represents postgraduate students within the BSA. The team organises two annual events and this year’s autumn event, Life post PhD: What’s next?, will be held in Durham on 17 October. The final touches are being made to next year’s BSA postgraduate pre-conference day, which will take a different approach and focus on the promotion of well-being, de-stressing and peer-support throughout the PhD. The PG Forum also runs a website and social media accounts, providing useful information and helping to create a supportive postgraduate community.

This year, the PG Forum has said goodbye to three convenors, James Beresford, Emmaleena Käkelä and Laura Clancy, who have come towards the end of their PhDs and will start moving onto the next stage in their careers. The PG Forum would like to thank them for all the hard work they have put in over their years of service and wish them all the best for the future. Two new convenors – Owen McGill and Emma Seddon – have joined Kate Haddow and will keep the PG Forum running, supporting and representing postgraduate students in their studies and within the BSA.

The PGForum also has access to two sources of funding: firstly, the BSA Support Fund, which has recently been increased from £250 to £1000 per application. This is available to UK Concessionary members, including students, providing financial support for research related expenses, attending conferences and study group events, and thesis production costs. The second source of funding is the PG Forum Regional Event fund, which is available for PGs across the country to hold their own one-day events. This has also recently been increased, from £10,000 to £15,000, with applicants able to apply for up to £1000 per event. So far this year over 200 people have booked to attend PG events and that number is climbing! The PG Forum is keen to get students involved in the wider research community through their events, online content, and the funds available. All PGs are encouraged to get in touch via the website, Twitter or Facebook, to attend events and apply for funding. The PG Forum convenors are waiting to hear from you!