A New Editorial Team for Work, Employment and Society

Statement from the Middlesex Editorial Team

A team of academics from Middlesex University London has won the tender to be the Editorial Team for the prestigious journal Work, Employment & Society (WES) for three years starting in January 2018.

WES is a leading international peer-reviewed journal of the British Sociological Association, awarded the coveted ABS4 ranking with a 1.821 impact factor, which publishes theoretically informed and original research on the sociology of work.  

WES is distinctive in its scope in providing a forum for research about the sociology of work and publishing across industrial sociology, industrial relations, labour economics, applied psychology and organisational analysis.  We pay particular attention to interdisciplinary research and contemporary developments in work, with recent and upcoming publications looking at precarious work, inequality and solidarity.

Dr Elizabeth Cotton said she was proud that Middlesex had been elected by the Editorial Board to take forward the journal and build on the excellent work of previous editorial boards and teams. She said:

"We're delighted to take on this prestigious and exciting Journal. WES holds a progressive and interdisciplinary space for academics that is very rare and we are committed to maintaining WES's scope and standards. We take very seriously our stewardship of the journal's reputation and we’re working hard to establish ourselves as a team that can build on the work of the Editorial Board. We would like to thank the University of Leicester team for making the handover process so inclusive and supportive - it has made a great difference to our ability to get to work."

The Middlesex University Editorial Team is committed to using their research experiences and networks to support high-quality sociological research that reflects working people’s experiences.

Alison Danforth, Publications & Membership Manager for British Sociological Association, commented:

“The Middlesex University bidding team projected confidence and competence, supported by their solid experience and broad range of expertise.  We are pleased to see the focus on sociology and classical social research that the team will bring and look forward to working with them.”

WES is governed by its Editorial Board made up of over 60 Board members and Associate Board members. The Middlesex University Editorial Team will be organising the day-to-day work of the journal with the support of the BSA team based in Durham.  The team comprises twelve academic staff from three departments - Management, Leadership and Organisations; Politics and Law; and Criminology and Sociology - all based in the Faculty of Professional & Social Sciences.

WES Middlesex Editorial Team


Elizabeth Cotton
Eleonore Kofman
Sue Lewis


Maria Adamson
Alexandra Beauregard
Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
Nick Clark
Anne Daguerre
Alessio D’Angelo
Janroj Yilmaz Keles
Daniela Lup
Ian Roper

To find out how to submit your research to WES go to the WES website http://journals.sagepub.com/home/wes Guidance for authors is available here:

W: http://journals.sagepub.com/home/wes

E: wes.journal@britsoc.org.uk

Twitter: @wesjnl