Meet Sociology’s New Editorial Team

The new editorial team for Sociology have now taken up their role as editors of the journal from 2018 to 2020 and we hope you will join us in welcoming them.

Here, the team introduce themselves:

“The new Editorial Team for Sociology is based in the Departments of Sociology and Social Statistics at the University of Manchester. The six team members are internationally recognised experts in their fields of research, representing a broad range of substantive and methodological interests: Vanessa May for her work on self and belonging, personal life, (grand-)parenting and qualitative and mixed methods; Alan Warde on cultural sociology, social change and consumption; Andy Balmer on technology, science and everyday life; Bridget Byrne in the fields of ethnicity and gender; Tarani Chandola in health inequalities and quantitative methods; and Petra Nordqvist on new reproductive technologies, sexuality and LGBT families. For the first six months, the team will be joined by Helen Holmes, who is stepping in to provide parental leave cover for Petra Nordqvist; Helen’s work focuses on issues of embodiment and contemporary practices of thrift. The Editorial Team aims to ensure that Sociology continues to thrive as a top-ranked sociology journal in Britain by publishing content of the highest quality with an international reach, enhanced by an active presence on social media.”

As part of their journal activities, the editors will be holding a session on ‘Social Inequalities in Contemporary Britain’ at the BSA Annual Conference on Thursday 12 April. For more information, see the conference website.

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