Introducing the ‘New Materialisms’ Study Group

The BSA are delighted to welcome a new study group which will focus on New Materialisms.

There is growing interest within sociology in new materialist perspectives.  New materialism is a term ascribed to approaches in the arts, humanities and social sciences that have in common a theoretical and practical ‘turn to matter’, and is distinct from historical materialism.  Posthumanism is an associated monistic perspective that encompasses both humanism and anti-humanism – to acknowledge that humans and human culture are materially embodied and embedded, and hence entirely confluent with the non-human.  Both perspectives emphasise the materiality of the world and everything – social and natural – within it. 

The Study Group plan to run two events over the end of 2018 and in to 2019, along with other various workshops and discussions groups.

We look forward to working with the convenors of this group and welcoming its members to the sociological community.