Two New Special Issues from BSA Journals

Sociology and Work, Employment and Society have published two special issues filled with cutting edge, original research this month.

Migration and Crisis in Europe

Guest Editors: Nick Dines, Nicola Montagna and Elena Vacchelli

The latest special issue of Sociology, ‘Migration and Crisis in Europe’, investigates the diverse links between migration and crisis, from a sociological perspective.

The articles selected for this special issue can be grouped according to four broad thematic strands that address and reflect upon different aspects of the migration–crisis nexus: relationships between the economic crisis and migrant workers and their families; the Mediterranean in crisis; political and public discourses about the post-2015 ‘migration crisis’; and ethnographies of everyday experiences of the ‘refugee crisis’ on the part of migrants, activists and local people.

In, Against and Beyond Precarity: The Struggles of Insecure Workers

Guest Editors: Gabriella Alberti, Ioulia Bessa, Kate Hardy, Vera Trappmann and Charles Umney

As workers’ power relative to capital has weakened, the use of the term ‘precarity’ has rapidly expanded. It is often used to describe a rise in contingent forms of employment (such as short-term or zero-hours contracts), but also to denote an increase in more subjective perceptions of insecurity among workers. There is therefore a risk of overusing the term, or stretching its meaning beyond recognition. In compiling the special issue of WES, the editors sought to address some of these problems. The contributions in this issue reveal key drivers and patterns of precarization in a diverse array of labour market contexts, identifying state and management as key players.

To learn more about the special issue, read the blog by the guest editors.

Both issues are free to read throughout June – read them here: